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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Busy Day, A Normal Day

Yesterday, we had vision appointments for us all, minus Tim. His comes next week for an evening appointment, I told him I would take him on a date to the eye doctor. Shh, don't tell but I bet I can work dinner into the date also!

Anyway, back to my story. With seven of us we take alot of time. Our doctor doesn't mind because he knows that with us all being together, we are not in a hurry to finish one appointment and leave, we are going to be there awhile. So he bounces us back and forth to do an exam, dialate the eyes, check someone else, etc...Everyone has very healthy eyes, Nate and Emily's vision has improved so much they didn't need glasses anymore, my prescription improved as well! We found out Sarah will need glasses to help her "focusing muscles", sort of used like retainers on teeth. It helps weak focusing muscles not work so hard so that she can read easier...She was so excited! She was saying "yea glasses!" She loved picking out her glasses, trying them on, saying "those are too round", "those are too big." We had so much fun watching her! By the way, this focusing muscle issue doesn't affect their ability to see, and Lindsay and Emily both dealt with this issue. My kids have great vision, a trait they received from their father, and now they don't even need glasses.

While there Kyle had began to complain about his tummy not feeling good. He got sick to his stomach a few times. He fell asleep on the way home, and I put him down in my room. I cut Nate's hair, and then meet Becky for lunch at Cracker Barrel.

We had a great lunch, laughed, cried alittle, shared our hearts! Afterward we took pictures on the porch for Miss Paula's Porch Sitter 2008. Home to make dinner, and then accompany Tim to pick up a lady our church has been helping. We were taking her to transfer the title of a car. We try to never give an appearance of wrong doing, so he never drives anywhere with ladies (including our daughters friends) alone, and the same is true for me.

We returned home, and then Tim went to get hay for our horses. I took care of Kyle, snuggling with him until time to go meet Becky....

I titled this a busy day, a normal day because I used to think that things would not be this busy. Now I realize that when you are raising a family of many and are involved helping others are going to be busy - it's normal. So we try to find balance - if something needed to go yesterday it would have been lunch. I am trying to find margin in my life. It is hard when everything is so interesting and there is so much good to be involved in. I am learning however to prioritize and to ask God if this is something He wants for me to do, even if it is a good thing, that may not be His priority for my life. I am learning to leave it in His hands.


Nicole said...

I had that same issue with my eyes when I was younger. I no longer have glasses :) and see fine!

I understand about saying you never thought it was would this busy. But I wouldn't have it any other way :) Gos is so good to bless those who trust Him to take care of the details :)

Have a good day today!

Anonymous said...

"I am learning however to prioritize and to ask God if this is something He wants for me to do, even if it is a good thing, that may not be His priority for my life. I am learning to leave it in His hands."

Thanks for this reminder. It comes at the perfect time. This week I told Robert I can't volunteer one more thing. This comes after spending hours creating graphics and making 880 items and then to be told they aren't going to be used. I have had to really show mercy this week. I told the ladies last night in Bible study that I had been doing a lot of fishing. Throwing out my line, (to God) then reeling it back in (to me). I have to again be reminded and your words did just that. Robert has given me permission to ask him if I can to something and recently I have just been saying yes. I have fallen off the wagon so to speak!

So just two more weeks of leading this all church small group on James, four more for Loving Well and five weeks of Love and Respect (with Robert) and this girl is sssssooooooossssoooooooo finished!

(My trash can is full of pulled out hair) hee hee

sherry said...

I'm blind as a bat. I wore contacts for 30 years and in the last few years had to wear reading glasses just to see what I was eating! I threw out my contacts and began wearing my specs all the time. Just got new ones. Kind of a chick-horn-rim style kinda sorta maybe in a way. ha!

Hope Kyle is all right and that he didn't do a Typhoid Tommy routine on the rest of the family.

Cracker Barrel. oh dear. I miss that place. The nearest one to me is in Utah. 14 hour drive. A tad too long donchathink? I think that when we fly east again (don't know when) we'll have to meet you and yours there...and Becky and family too. Or, maybe just us chickaroonies. Whadayathink? ;o)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Ooooh, yes definately! I think maybe us girls first, then with our husbands! You have such great ideas!

Miss Paula,
I understand the over commitment! It creeps up on me, I rarely see IT coming. Sigh...

Becky K. said...

Lady Jane,
I am responding to that fab idea here...of course we would love to meet you at Cracker Barrel!

Bring Miss Paula and Alicia too.

The more the merrier!

Isn't that so...Mrs. Rabe.

Becky K.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

This is Emily, not Mrs.Rabe.

I think that lunch at Cracker Barrle is such a wonderful idea!!!

Miss Emily

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