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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Changes and Disappointments

It seems just like yesterday when we brought a beautiful dark haired girl home from the hospital, but in reality 16 years have gone by!

There are big changes happening now that she is nearly finished with 10th grade. A local college, Lancaster Bible College, allows high school junior and seniors to take 1 free course each semester. Yesterday we went to sign Lindsay up for "Fundementals of Art" but they were full. She was so disappointed. We are going to watch the website and see if anyone drops the class and try to snatch it up!

Then to add insult to injury, when we went to get her learner's permit, so she can drive, we could not find her birth certificate anywhere. Crazy thing is we have our copy of the form we filled out to get it sent to us when she was born! We have had it. Where has it gone? We have sent for a copy but it may take a week. More disappointment! She was ready, she was excited.....SIGH!

She is however, very sweet and easy going about such things, so there was no "attitude" about it.

It is fun to walk through these new aspects of her life with her. Pray for her dad! :)


  1. Poor girl! Finding documents like a birth certificate is always a tough task for many!! Taking a class would be so great for her....and even better its free! Thats so nice that they do that!! I will pray that she can get in!!
    Blessings and hugs!

    I didnt realize that my sister is in the same grade as Lindsay!!? Cool!

  2. I am so sorry for the disappointments :( It is so hard, but I think even harder to see in your child.

    Daddy's really have a hard time with this, and he will be in my prayers. As will your daughter.

  3. I think prayer is needed when she starts driving, ha ha!!! Kaitlin tried to make Super Mex a drive-thru a couple of weeks ago.

    Is there another class for Lindsay or this the only one offered??

    Kaitlin has her appt for her Drivers Lic on May 8th.

  4. the day i went to go get my permit it was disappointing also because we didn't know you had to be signed up for drivers training first and i was ready. but when i did go back i only missed 5 out of 8. i don't know how your tests are but the test for California is pretty much common since i just had trouble on the trick questions. But i have less than a month to go till i take my driving test im soo excited. tell Lindsay i will be praying for her when she takes her test. but like i said its common since and tell lindsay to STUDY THE HANDBOOK it will come in handy.

    Have a good day i cant wait to see you guys and maybe i can drive around hint hint.


  5. Lindsay is so sweet about it. She told us about the permit thing yesterday at bowling. You could tell she was disappointed but she was smiling and so dear!

    Did I mention that I bowled a 150 my last game? That would be after your parents left...That was my fourth game.

    Becky K.

  6. Thanks for all your kind words. Lindsay has studied and is ready for her test, we just have to wait for the birth certificate to come!

    Kaitlin thanks for your advise - you are right about the common sense part. I have been reminding her of that. She tends to OVER analyze things.

    God has a plan and He is working it and this is part of it!

  7. Bowling a 150???? What will I do when I get up there and bowl a 60 or something??? Will y'all laugh???


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