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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Driven Faith

I am currently reading this book. It is excellent. I know that it probably has stepped on some toes, but it is so wonderful to read a book by someone who is articulating what our heart for our family is! The author is the gentleman whose video I posted last week.

When we were looking for a church, we were told our children under 12 could not be in the service with us - I was welcome to take my 10 year old, 5 year old, and 2 year old to a room where I could watch the service on a closed circuit t.v. feed. Even at our current church we have been asked to take Kyle out of the service when he was making very little noise at all. I could get on a rant about teens and adults who chat during church, not being asked to be quiet or take it outside....

There is a church in our area that has a church service just for high schoolers, during the regular service! Why can't high schoolers, who can drive cars, hold jobs, have "responsible" s*x, sit in the regular worship service? I truly don't mean to step on toes here....and I am not looking to debate anyone, I am just questioning out loud.....

Anyway, back to the book - I have not finished it yet, but I really am enjoying the read, and am being given lots to think about. I am passing it on to Tim next!


  1. That kind of thing really bothers me. I love having my children in church with us. How are children going to learn how to worship without seeing us adults doing it.

    I have had this same issue with our church. But my children are quiet and love going, so the 1st service they come with us and the 2nd service Brook and the children go to children's church (where he teaches) and I go to the preschool. But we did get a lot of flack for this to begin with.

  2. Don't EVEN get me started about this. Although our church has a nursery, I am totally opposed to the idea. I think churches should have a non-staffed mother's room. If you need to change a diaper, nurse, or discipline, fine, If not, the children should be worshiping God with the rest of their family. And we wonder WHY children are growing up and leaving the church.... perhaps it's because they were never really there in the first place!

  3. I grew up sitting in church. There was no little class for us.

    Now, I think we have the choice. We can have them join us, or if the kiddos want to they can go to class.

    When I had two little ones, one was in the nursery and one with me. But because my husband worked nearly every Sunday I was not receiving anything and basically broked down in church and was hauled out. I had no one to help me and a class for my child would have been helpful in that situation.

    But I do think that the kids hear with their hearts and it does make an impact on them and it teaches them also to sit for a period of time. Oh, and to be able to Worship!

  4. What does it matter as long as they are hearing the Word? Are they somehow less Christian cause they don't go to big church?

  5. Hey Evan,

    They aren't less Christian. It is just a trend in our society and in the church toward segregating families from being together.

    For us it was noticable because with homeschooling we do alot of learning together, and then we would go to church and the pressure was on for the kids to go one way and for us to go another!

    Our preference is for the kids to be in worship with us, where they sometimes sit with their grandparents also! That is the coolest thing for me, 3 generations of the same family worshipping God together and hearing the Word together. And when G.Lily was alive it was 4 generations!

    This is good discussion!

  6. I don't think that it is a movement to segregate families. I personally don't think young kids can really understand what is being talked about in big church most of the time. And nursery aged kids can be distracting. But no one should ever tell anyone they can't come into a service or that they have to leave.

    The Jesus Movement is supposed to be about love.

  7. Oh Dear Evan,

    I have to side with Mrs. Rabe... your Dear Auntie, on this one...

    Our church has tried for the past few years to implement a successful youth group.

    We got youth to come out...but we had many, many problems...

    We have had toddlers and infants in our service with no issues.

    Our church has come to the realization that it is wonderful for the family to worship together. Not mandatory...but a wonderful experience. There is nothing to top being in a Small group setting and having active participation by the young people in the room. Prayer requests, questions about the study and song requests. It is the BEST! Sure beats sending them to a group for glorified babysitting.

    Sorry, I feel a bit strongly about this since we have so recently come through an awful time with one of our boys who was influenced by one of the girls in the Youth Group...but were told "What happens in Youth Group, stays in Youth Group."

    We are ALL, that son included, much happier worshipping together and sharing the activities of the church: bowling, baseball, movies, etc as families.

    Again, sorry for the rant...but if the children are in the service from little on up it isn't a big deal.

    Try to give kids more credit...but adults can make a difference too by making the service kid friendly.
    Our Pastor purposely uses illustrations that the kids can relate to. He doesn't talk down to them...he includes them.

    Mikey, 15, gave Pastor Mike a 4 out of 5 stars rating on Sunday.

    Becky K.

  8. What did I say that was so offensive to get deleted? I wasn't trying to start anything just expanding on my views.

  9. You didn't get deleted - my comments show 3 comments by you - that is all I have read. Did you post more? I didn't see any. I have never had to delete a comment, yet!

  10. Oh sorry, I thought I did. Maybe I didn't push post. I don't know sometimes my computer does funny things.

    anyway I was just responding to the comment made after mine. I think kids going to Sunday School instead isn't a big deal either. It all has to do with your preferences and the quality of the kids and youth programming. I know in my case we had very good teachers and leaders. Some of whom I am still close to. In fact the High School Pastor from when I was in HS is going to be taking the reins as Lead Pastor in June.


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