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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today, we will be tidying the cottage, working in the garden, mostly weeding, boring but necessary.

We will possibly be painting some interior windows, long in need of freshening.

Yesterday, Lindsay and I stopped at a yard sale on our way home from getting groceries. We both found treasures - she a pair of riding boots that fit Rachel and cost $1.00, and a hay net, also for $1.00 that is used in the horse trailer. I found upolstery fabric! Unbelieveable! In colors and patterns that suit my home for $5.00 a roll! Now, they are not full rolls, but their is plenty on each roll to do several projects. One is a stripe fabric that I want to use to recover a small chair that rocks, that we picked up for free along the road last year. This is a great little chair, except it is currently covered in horrible fabric. ( I am not opposed to picking up free items.) The other fabric reminds me of a colonial pattern and I believe I am going to make living room curtains out of it! I am excited!

Have a lovely weekend!


Nicole said...

Sounds like you have a full day ahead of you! But always nice to have things done!

Awesome about the fabric! I love finding stuff like that, just out of the blue!

Have a good Saturday, cousin!

Tracy said...

What a blessing to find such wonderful treasures at great prices. I do hope that you'll share your reupholstery project!

Becky K. said...

Any improvement with Kyle?

Hope you are all feeling better...

Becky K.

Alicia @ said...

Sale items are always great!!! I go to those specifically for preschool toys, then all I do is wash them in bleach and they are good to go! That reminds me, I have a chair that needs to be recovered!

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