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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 180

Today we have reached a big milestone - Day 180 of our school year! That means we are "Officially" done. Woo Hoo! Can you hear the celebrating? hee hee We have a bit of science to finish and the older girls have reports to finish, before our evaluations next week.

It is always fun to review our school year and be reminded of all that we have done and learned so I thought I would share that with you.

In September we took 3 days and went to Jamestowne, Williamsburg and Yorktowne. It was an awesome trip! We completely fell in love with this area and being history lovers, we were delighted to participate in "living history." What a great way to learn!

Here is Pocahontas at Jamestowne.

We ran into co-op friends at Williamsburg! Look at all those delightful colonial girls!
The girls rode our horse Sandy at our local fair.

This was also a busy year with our pets! Our cat had kittens and our dog had a litter of 11 puppies! Talk about hands on science and life skills!

In December we had a Jane Austen Ball at our cottage. These were my students dancing.

Lindsay did biology labs at our co-op. Here she and her lab partners, disect a worm. They went on to do perch and frogs as well! Thanks Mrs. Bolton!

We went to the State Train Museum in Strasburg on Charter Day.

We participated in our co-op's Learning Fair.

And of course, we are still bowling every week.

These of course are just the highlights of our year. Not pictured here are the days of struggling to learn a new math concept, master spelling words, delight in the reading of great books!

This thing we call homeschool or home educating is a lifestyle. It can be difficult and glorious all in the same day! I wouldn't give up this time with my kids for anything!


Nicole said...

We to have hit day 180 :) Yippy Skippy!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a year!!! Lots of activities!

Wow! Sarah is getting so big!!

Becky K. said...

W'll be celebrating 180 soon!


Becky K


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