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Monday, April 14, 2008


Ok, I am sure most of you know what a wii game system is, and many of you have played them. Last month, my parents bought one. They had been considering it after hearing from their grandson Evan and Miss Paula about the fun their family has had having sports tournaments right in their living room! Then we were invited to Becky's home (Hospitality Lane) to play wii with their family. Well, we had such a blast that the grandparents decided to go for it!

We are all having so much fun! Anytime we go to their house we get to play wii on Grandpa's big screen tv and on Sundays they come here to spend the afternoon, Grandpa usually has the wii in tow!

I can't tell you the fun it is to play and also to observe our multi-generational family all playing wii. Just last night Rachel and Grandma played doubles in tennis, various people took turns playing baseball, Grandma, Emily, Rachel and I bowled! I scored a 134 and then a 179! I couldn't believe it! I had a turkey (3 strikes in a row) then 5 spares! Wow! I even called Becky because I know she would be so proud of me! hee hee!

I have heard of the fun that folks are having in retirement centers with wii, and I just think it is fantastic! If you get the chance to play wii, you should give it a try. I was never a fan of "video" games, I never got into "Donkey Kong" or "Mario" even when my family would play for hours. But the wii, is too much fun, and the opportunity to play with 3 generations is so cool!


Nicole said...

We have a Wii too. Everybody loves it! Our "Game Day" is Satudays after the house is clean and Sundays in the afternoon. We have such fun too! It really is the neatest game system we have... and I married a gamer :) So we have a few. I even get into it and play Mario Galaxy or Wii Sports :)

Tracy said...

We have one to, and it is much more fun than a traditional video game. I love that we can bowl in the comfort of our living room!

sherry said...

I must be the last one on earth to not know what Wii is.


Anonymous said...

Even my 77 yr old mother plays!!! Very fun!! Only it's been Tiger Woods!!!

Did you notice there is a Papa Bob dude in the background when you play???

Becky K. said...

We don't play ours as much as we should.
Maybe this week we will get around to it.

We were thinking of challenging your family to a little competition. Chelsea has been getting some great wii bowling scores...tee hee.

Becky K.

pauleen said...

We have the wii - and love it for all the same reasons you guys do. The kids will have their friends over and play for hours. Carson & Colin are the best bowlers in the house. Doug & I have a little friendly competition going on all the time. Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying spring. I love reading your blog. :)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Hey Pauleen,

Email me - I don't have a current one for you and I have trouble reading your blog :(

I want to keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

when i get back there and we play bowling all of you are going down muah hahahahahahahaha


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

We bought a wii as a family gift for Christmas and have really enjoyed it! It's so much fun to be able to play with out daughter and some of those games are such a good workout!


Alicia @ said...

Isnt it fun?! I am not a fan of video games either but this wii is pretty cool! We dont have it, but once in a long while we play on Evans.

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