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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Riding Lessons

Lindsay got a call today from a lady looking for riding lessons for her 3 daughters. Lindsay was referred to her from the family of a current student. This is very exciting to us!

Our desire for our family is that our girls be home centered. We have been working toward the goal of having them be entrepreneurial - to have their own businesses. This would enable them to set their own schedules, be available to travel as a family and to allow them to go into marriage with a way to add income from home, if needed.

Lindsay was talking the other day about how her bank account is low and how she probably will need to go back to work at the maze. They like the maze and the people they work with, but they like to work on their own schedule. So this is an answer to prayer for her!

These three students, along with her two returning students will bring in enough to allow her to have some savings, as well as spending. She also has another potential student.

Today she was out measuring a new riding arena. It has been at the end of our house but now it will be in the pasture near the barn. This area will be worked on - there are a few trees to take out. She thinks if the weather holds she should be able to resume lessons in April.


Anonymous said...

What if one of your girls has their own desire to work outside the home or maybe go to school?

Becky K. said...

That is such wonderful news!

Lindsay is so very gifted!

Becky K.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Lindsay got a call !!! :):0 I'm going to have to help her...woo hoo


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...


Our girls have worked outside the home for years...they like it, mostly they like the income :), but they also get tired of the many hours they are required to work and they would like to be more in control of their own work! If they wanted to go to college, that would be fine, we have many great colleges nearby - they would be able to take classes and still live at home just like Kaitlin. One day Kaitlin will likely have her own family and with her goal of being a pastry chef she will be able to have her own business as well! That is a great thing! She can add income and yet still make her own schedule so it fits around her family for vacation etc...

Sue said...

I am so happy for your daughter Lindsay, I agree with your teaching them to be home centered and to be entrepreneurs. My best to her on her new job.

Karen said...

That is great!

If we lived closer, Allison would love to be her student.

Phyllis said...

I forgot to mention it to you and Lindsay but we are thrilled for her new "clients" Daddy said he needs to get over and get Cheyenne in shape so she can help Sandy.

Tracy said...

What good news.IF lived closer My kiddos could takes lessons too:(

Jill said...

I think everyone in the world would like to work for themselves and have their own schedules and go on vacation any time they please, i just dont see that as reality for most people.

As for Lindsay i think that is great because she has the opportunity to do what she loves, i do suggest however, to get her license to give riding lessons, that and some sort of insurance, it takes one accident and you all could be in trouble! YIKES! and if she had a license she could eventually own her own riding lesson company and have major income to add to her future family! =)
Just wanted to put my two cents in!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Hi Jill!

Lindsay is working toward certification for giving can't start the certification until you are 18. The next level is at age 21 then age 25 you can finish at level 3.

I also believe that our insurance would cover any problem, but will double check that.

Hope you are doing well...sometimes it takes thinking outside the box about work and may not be reality much anymore, sad isn't it? We now have to work until mid May just to pay taxes...that is working half the year for the government. Just think how many people that could get by with one income in their families if they were able to keep more of their own money!


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