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Friday, March 19, 2010

Recovering - Update

The water in our creek is bounding down it's path cheerfully and briskly. Yesterday Tim and Kyle took a nap in the fresh air, on the deck. We took a thin mattress out, with blankets and pillows, and they slept for a while. Tim moved to our bed long before Kyle even woke up. He rested so well out there in the fresh air and sunshine - his head was in the shade - with the creek bubbling happily...

Tim and Rachel got sick on Wednesday night, Tim actually took off from work last night. Poor Rachel, while she didn't get the brunt of the illness, she has felt bad for days now...

We are moving gently through our days...though today there is a bit more physical work being done. Having these nice sunny days, means that the ground has been drying up and it is now time to get some things done outdoors. When Tim took down the trees in January, they were unable to get all the wood moved before it got buried under snow! Since the snow melted it has been too mushy to drive the truck or the mower with the trailer onto the grass . Today is the day...Tim is out using the chain saw getting more of the wood into a good size to move and then he, Lindsay and Emily will move the wood. Good thing the girls are the most recovered!

Yesterday we did some sewing...that doesn't require too much work. Emily now has a cool split skirt for riding. We bought this historical pattern years ago, but only started it about 2 weeks ago. It is a Butterick pattern that can be found here. Here is the photo of the pattern.

We didn't make the jacket or blouse, though that might be fun sometime. For Lindsay we made a heavy cotton skirt in aqua. Very nice, and comfy. It's nice after wearing winter skirts, to have bright cheery colors to wear.

I cut out Rachel' s Easter dress is a girls regency pattern in a fun spring green and she picked out material to do an overlay or perhaps a pelisse. It is a pretty sheer material with embroidery on it. I'll take photos once it is done! It is going to be pretty!

Anyway, I think I am going to sneak out today and pick up a few groceries...I won't take a long day, but we do need somethings.

I trust you all are in the peak of me you don't want this bug.


Jackie said...

Glad you are all starting to feel some better. Hopefully some more sunny days will help you recover fully.

Have a great weekend.

Abounding Treasures said...

You're right - I wouldn't want that bug but am glad that you are all improving ... slowly ...



  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...