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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heart of Home

Lord, let our house be something more
Than just a shelter with a door;
May its windows glow with light,
Shedding radiance through the night.
Not just a glitter of glass and chrome,
But give it the "feel" of a happy home.
Let it have flowers, a well-loved book,
Soft cushions in a quiet nook.
May it be more than downy bed,
Or snowy cloth with silver spread;
Lend it some smiles, warm sympathy,
With kindly thought, true charity -
That all may recall, though far they roam,
That God was there - in the heart of home.
- Christine White

There have been many changes since this photo was taken.  The biggest thing is my arch.  It adds so much to the front of the house.

As much as I love to garden and decorate my home, my main  concern is that it be a place of welcome for my family and for our guests.  I want our relationships to be loving with each other - I want my husband to be happy to come home from his work, I want my children to find comfort here. I want our guests to love being here!

Last night we had a family dinner - mom and dad and Nate came too, only Kayleigh was missing.  She had school.  Emily and I cooked, we set a pretty table, the kids fought over who got to sit by Grandma - it was all good.  We eat dinner together everyday, whether it is a fancier meal or simply pizza, we use this time to connect - for Dad to ask what the kids learned that day, or ask about how their doing.  We tell stories, talk about the Lord, church, things we read.   It is a lively time often, but sometimes it is quick and business like - if we are headed out somewhere.

Last evening after dinner all the girls went to the Christian skate night.  The older girls go nearly every week, and this time the younger two went as well.  A little while after they left we got a call telling us that one of the young men from our church, who goes to skating straight from work, was in a car accident.  His car is totaled, he is bruised and sore, but apparently his is okay.  It was a reminder of how our lives can change in an instant.  I work to keep our relationships clear with one another - nothing between us as much as possible.  I don't ever want there to be a regret of "I wish I would have said "I love you" before they left," or that kind of thing.

I am thankful for the relationships we have with our family and our church family.  I am thankful for my little cottage home, but mostly I am thankful for the Lord who is the true heart of our home!  It is He who makes our life together so sweet.


  1. may our homes be a soft place to land...

    beautiful post.


  2. What a beautiful posting. You certainly have your priorities in order. Most guests do not remember the condition of our homes, but they surely will remember if they felt welcomed and wanted.Thanks for this sweet reminder,relationships matter most. Dawn e. Brown

  3. AMEN!!!!
    Love, Alicia

  4. We had a great time last night. We DO need to get together more often. We love you all. Next5 time us ladies will win.

  5. I love this. That is what we strive for.

    It was in the moment of hearing of the accident that I realized how much a part of our lives this particular young man is already in the short amount of time we have known him. The accident reminded me of what you said, we just never know.

  6. I love the poem at the beginning of this post. It fits your home so well. I am thankful that the young man is okay after the car accident.

    We love your family and the relationships we have with you and our church family.

  7. So lovely. My parents never said "I love you." A few years ago I started saying it to them even though it was uncomfortable. I think the same thing you said, what if I don't see them again. I don't want to regret not saying it. Lisa~

  8. I love this beautiful poem and the words you've written too. You are so right. My son Randy was in an accident this weekend. A 5 car pile-up, and he was the middle vehicle. No one was hurt, and he drives our 93 Ford van (it's like a tank) so he didn't sustain much damage. Getting that phone call and hearing "I've been in an accident" is a little scary though.
    I'm so glad this young man is okay too :-)

  9. A lovely post on home. Your home is very pretty! Thank you for the encouragement for my day!

    I hope you have a day filled with joy and simple pleasures!


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