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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Aftermath...

in my garden after yesterday's thunderstorm.

 This is the way the garden looked this morning.  Not too bad but it is now messy.

 We had an amazing day yesterday.  Church, a fellowship meal, a small informal bridal shower for a sweet couple getting married next weekend.  We headed home with a large group and there was air soft, and lots of little boys playing with trains, and dressing up into all kinds of outfits.  Sweet girls playing together and with little brothers.  
Pizza, salad and the most amazing peaches to munch....
An impromptu tea party at the request of my little friend who adores tea parties, and knows all she has to do is ask!

 While the rain poured down, and the lightning flashed, we had slides from Senegal, and coffee, and games of Set, and lots of chatting.  Katie and Verity were here too!  Such a treat!

 They especially liked the baby dolls and the soft puppy.  Katie also petted Sadie, one of our dogs.  I think she liked her soft, silky ears.

 Just like there is an aftermath in the garden after the storm, there was a bit of aftermath here in our cottage after everyone left last night. 

This however is a joy, and not a is the evidence of people sharing life together.  I think we had 43 people here.  22 of whom are 13 and under.

Near the tail end of it all, our girl came home and so did Ben.  They had been on the road for 14 1/2 hours, more actually.

We stayed up until nearly 1:30 am.  Hearing stories, laughing...finally bed.

The aftermath of such a day does bring fatigue.  But I wouldn't change a thing.


Vee said...

After such a fun day, I hope that your sleep will be sweet tonight.

How good to have guests and how good to have your daughter home with many exciting stories to tell.

Cheryl said...

Yes, the aftermath is the evidence that something happened. In your case, the blessings of fellowship and hospitality and family happened. Priceless.

(I will be praying for your dad tomorrow.)

Anonymous said...

Ha! This sounds like our old house church when we were living in New England - four to six homeschool families meeting every Wednesday night for dinner and Bible study - and then again on Sunday! Going house to house - good times. Kids are all grown and we've all moved to different states, some of us, but oh - never minded the aftermath . . .


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