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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Big City

You all know by now that I am a home educating, home maker who loves to practice hospitality.  That is how I think of myself.

You also know that since January we have been the owners of a small women's handbags and accessories store called Fab Fashion.  I regularly have to remind myself that I am a business woman too, and give attention to that as well.  I am getting better at this.

Like any job, there are things I like to do more than others.  A very fun part of having the store is buying trips!  We had not been to the Big City for a few months, as many of the businesses we buy from now have online stores too.  But when you want to go and see what is coming for the next season, to check out new things, there is nothing like going and seeing for yourself just what those items feel like in your hands; is it soft?  Does it feel like leather?  Could I sell this in my store?

Yesterday, Tim took a vacation day and drove Lindsay and I to the Big City.  

 While we were waiting for our car I was trying to count the floors of the building on the left.  We park our car at this lot every time we come.  The attendant of the lot, Walter, is a nice, responsible man who does an amazing job moving vehicles around this tiny lot.

This brings up another reason I like going to the big city.  The people who live there are so interesting.  They have different kinds of jobs than the people that I know - I mean I know all kinds of people but I didn't know anyone who parked cars and watch a small lot.  Some people may not think that is a decent career, but the service that Walter provides is important to people who live, work or visit in the city.  Plus, I saw him driving a couple of nice BMW's yesterday, so the job has it's perks!  Besides on occasion we bring him baked goods which he enjoys! 

We have also gotten to know men and women who work in the wholesale jewelry and handbag district.  Many are Asian and some are Latino.  We have built a rapport with many of them.  They work hard, rents are expensive and they have families and friends and lives there.  We have come to know believers in Christ who work in these shops, too.  One guy who is so fun and friendly, enjoyed teasing Tim yesterday, saying he looked like he was looking for a chair to sit in, ha ha ha.  Tim said that actually I could probably use it since my lower back was causing me some discomfort.  Right away he got me a stool, offered us ice cold cokes and was his usual helpful, fun self.  Now, you may not think this is a big deal but you must understand there is no where to really sit in this shopping district.  There are no outside benches etc...the stores often don't have air conditioning on - they try to cut expenses anywhere they can. So his offer was so great and after sitting for a few minutes sipping our ice cold cokes, we were refreshed and ready to continue.

We also like some of the ethnic food we are able to buy there.

This was my lunch yesterday.  Tim says it is a Mediterranean version of American Chinese food - meaning that it is likely Americanized Mediterranean food.  Spicy rice, grilled seasoned chicken with onions and a 'magic' white sauce.  Delicious and delightful.  We usually take this food to the corner restaurant where we start our day with a pastry and coffee.  We buy our drinks for lunch and head upstairs to sit in comfort.  This is a very clean place with helpful people.  We go there every time.  We like to support a place like that.

The Big City is not a place I'd want to live or to raise my family in.  But I love to visit and love to do our buying there.  Mostly because of the people.  You see it all there, that's for sure, but people are people.  Some nice, some not.  Everyone has a story and everyone needs the Lord.

We did find some really nice things yesterday, too.  Which is of course why we were there.  We are working when we go.  We are in the city and parked by 10:00 am and out by 3:00 pm in order to miss the traffic.  We have our handbags too look for, jewelry, sunglasses and more to buy.  We have to look and look, as some things are nicer than others and our shop doesn't carrying the blingy stuff!

Thanks for listening to my chatter.  I am off to head into the store and change out the window display, put out new items and do some cleaning.  This afternoon Tim and I have a meeting with a marketing guy.  

What are you up to today?


Rebecca said...

I'm up to NOTHING nearly as exciting as the Big City....(although one of our daughters lives in the Windy City).

Today I've visited a small town nearby to pick up a jar of hot fudge, pickled eggs and honey mustard snack mix for a friend who has a craving - and no, she's not pregnant. Just recovering from surgery. (I'll visit her tomorrow.)

In a few minutes I'm going to pick up a friend who is in charge of our no-longer-Red-Hats Group. We'll meet 18 other friends for lunch.

Then, I don't know WHAT else I'll be doing. That's about as far ahead as I plan :)

Vee said...

This was fun to read and to learn more about the big city where you find your wares. You brought it to life!

Have fun with the window display. Those are so important because they are what bring in new customers.

Me? I'm doing precious little around here...sewing some and the ever needed cleaning.

sherry said...

what an exciting life! seriously. i love how you weave thoughtful graces through the big city experience. {{hug}}

Ronda said...

Congrats! I'm happy to hear about your new business and your day in the city. It sounds exciting!

Love & Prayers

Ronda said...

Congrats! I'm happy to hear about your new business and your day in the city. It sounds exciting!

Love & Prayers

Sue said...

Enjoyed reading of your visit to the Big City, I am so glad to read of your new business doing well, it sounds like you are having fun on this new journey. You may never know of the lives you and your family impact by sharing your faith. I have found that God always goes before us and prepares the way.
Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

"Everyone has a story and everyone needs the Lord." So true...and at the heart of everything, isn't it?

I am always in impressed with your forays into the big city. I am such a country girl, I think.


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