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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Creekside Cottage Is Now On Facebook! Edited!

I had been thinking about doing this for a while.  Then I saw that my friend Brenda @ Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me made a page for her blog, and another blogging friend Lisa had, also.  So I took the plunge.

After all, it's been fun being Facebook friends with so many of my blogging friends, and this way it is easy to say hi and keep in touch.

Come on over, say Hi and Like my page!  It will be fun! 

Edited to say....Duh, it would help if I put a link to my FB page here!  Sorry, Debbie!


  1. Well, I can try to come over and say HI. I can't guarantee that I'll do it right, though. I made myself a facebook page and can't seem to figure it out.

    I should be ashamed to admit that, right?

    Hope all is still going well after the surgery and there have been no complications!

  2. See? I'm too daft to figure out where your clickable is to your facebook.

    It's so hard being me.

  3. If you're already doing that, I don't see why you won't have a lot of fun with it. (I don't do Facebook. Hope that you'll keep reading here. Do things commented here also go there?)

  4. Congratulations, Like Vee, I am not on face book, (yet) lol Best wishes with this, have fun!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Deanna, I am so reluctant to "like" a page on Facebook as I don't like to share my last name (or any identifying information) via the internet.

    I really do like you though!! :D

  6. yay! I think I figured it out and "liked". Thanks for the edit.

    Just doing time in the dunce corner as usual...

  7. How amazing you are - juggling so many things! I, too, hope you don't "slack off" here in blogland. :)

    It's my primary "outlet" in techno-land! Is facebook the new blogland of the future, do you think? (It's hard for me to keep up!)


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