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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Things

My parents arrived home this evening after spending 12 days in California.  My Mom and Dad said " Over dosed on Mexican food!"  And they brought me See's Candy!  I love my parents!

They had such a great trip.  Wonderful times with my brother's family, and those sweet great grandsons of theirs!  They got to go to Cayden's swim lessons, have a picnic on the 4th, go to Chick-fil-A with them.  Sweet times.

Have you ever read the blog "My Cottage Charm?"  Missy has the greatest projects and has turned her house into the sweetest cottage!  I commented on her recent hallway sign project, and she popped over to my blog to thank me for my comment.  I had just posted about our home education plan and she commented to me that it was just what she had needed to hear to gear up for the coming year.  I told her that I was so glad and that it was a God thing because I almost didn't get this post written!  You can see God at work in the fact that I got it written and posted for the day that she would pop back to comment on my blog.  If I had posted it on a different day or if I hadn't visited her blog and commented then she wouldn't have visited back...are you still with me?

I love that!
My Emma comes home tomorrow!  I know she has had a great time this week. I am so proud of her.  She is an amazing young woman.

We have a fellowship meal tomorrow after church.  Sundays are one of our favorite days.  
We are hard at work on our store's website - It doesn't look like it because so far the hard work has been getting the web guy to actually turn over control of it to us.  He has not fulfilled his agreement after 14 months of working on it.  So we are ready to take it over and have someone else get the job finished.  We are excited to have the website up and running and looking the way we want it to look!

Have a delightful Sunday!


Cheryl said...

Blessings abound! :D

(Good to hear that your travelers are safely home.)

Vee said...

And your mom and dad, too! So much exciting things...I've got to find the link to your web site...I'm very curious about it now.

Trish said...

Sounds like a beautiful day indeed!!
You are very blessed :-)
love..Trish xx

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