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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah

10 years ago this delightful girl was born into our family.  Sanguine, with a flair for the dramatic, she is full of life.  

She used to wake up from her naps and say "Tada! I awake!"  We were sure that she thought the whole world stopped while she was asleep and was letting us know we could now go back about our business!

She is loyal and loving, has friends of all ages.  

She is also sensitive - she knows when someone doesn't like her.

She loves her family, loves being an Auntie, loves to write and draw.  She would love to be the next Beatrix Potter, she says.  She has perfectionist tendencies in her art and writing, but that doesn't carry over to keeping her room tidy, unfortunately!

She is a playpal to her little brother Kyle, and usually finds him a willing companion.

 Nancy Drew and Tintin on the job!

Here is a link to a blog post I did about her.  It gives real insight into the depth that is in Sarah.  When you read it understand that at the time she was 6 years old!

We had such fun shopping for her gifts last night!  She really enjoyed picking out things that she had been wanting.  Water shoes (bright green from 5 Below), a 24 pack of Prismacolor colored pencils, new jammies!  She also got to spend a bit of birthday money from Uncle Denny!  She was in her element!

Her celebration is going to go on for a few with Grandma when she gets back from California, Lindsay is making her a medieval dress, Emily is going to take her with a friend to the Corn Maze...

I am so thankful for my youngest girl, my Sarah Bella


  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah Bella! It sounds like you keep your family hoppin'! I hope your mother will show us what you do with those Prismacolors....

  2. Gosh, I hope that she knows when people love her! What a great post about a terrific ten-year-old. I'm going back to read about the six-year-old now. Happy birthday, Sarah!

  3. Oh - how lovely! Sounds like such an Anne Shirley spirit - love it! So glad she is YOUR daughter and in the care of a homeschool mom who will draw out all the glories the Lord has placed within her for HIS glory! Fulfill your destiny in her life, mom - and so - she will fulfill hers in His . . .

    Joy and Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  4. I can't imagine anyone not loving Sarah! She is a treasure!

    Thanks for linking to your old post-I didn't know you back then and I enjoyed reading it.

    Happy Birthday to dear Sarah!

  5. I love my little soul-mate and Scribe, Sarah. Happy Birthday, darling-warling-barling! Can you tell I'm a fellow-sanguine? Keep writing those stories...

  6. Sounds like she has all kinds of fun birthday plans!

    She sounds like a delightful girl.....

  7. Awwww...what a sweet post! I went back to the post you linked to, and was so blessed. A tender heart in a child, a heart that is open to His calling, is a precious thing.

    Birthday blessings to your dear birthday girl, Sarah!

  8. Happy Birthday to Sarah! May the Lord bless her with many more!!

  9. What a sweet post and a sweet girl! I love "tada, I awake!" that is too precious!


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