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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Fun Blog Party!

My dear friend Cheryl is hosting a link up party where we can share our Hospitality Tips.

You can join the fun here...   
 I am so happy to join her in talking about hospitality.  I love hospitality and have seen the blessing and fruit of it over the years.

I asked my husband years ago now what he would like for us to be involved in as a family - what we could do together.  His quick response was that he would like us to invite people to our home - he wanted us to be hospitable on a regular basis.  I love having people over so this was a win-win for us!

The kids didn't always like the preparatory time - I would drive them pretty hard about cleaning up etc.  Finally we got a system of cleaning that basically allowed us to have a tidy house in 15 minutes, so we were all a lot less stressed!

My tips about hospitality are not anything earth shattering or new.  We are just regular people with a regular income.  We have had masses of people over all at the same time, and we have had just one person on a regular basis who has become like family to us all.

Tip #1 - Take the plunge and invite someone over!  People love to be invited - it shows that you were thinking of them, and that you want to spend time with them.  

Tip #2 - Don't be afraid to have a large family over.  We consider ourselves an average sized family due to the circles we run in, but for most people a family of 8 is big!  People are intimidated to think of having us over with "all those kids."  Most people think that all children are unruly and out of control - this is not true!  Plus as a mom of a larger family, I am quick to ask what I can bring to help with the meal.

Tip #3 - Remember there are more ways to entertain in your home than to have a meal.  You can invite people over to play games - with everyone bringing a snack to share, invite people over for dessert and coffee, invite people to a potluck.

Tip #4 - Don't be afraid of your house not being perfect.  Believe me a Mom can relax a bit if the home they are going to doesn't look like a magazine!

Tip #5 - Don't wait until your children are older to start practicing hospitality.  For my kids, it is as natural as breathing to have people over and they pursue it themselves every week!  Sarah is always making sure people have been asked over on Sundays.  And the girls have become the regular hosts of game night.  As I write this post there are 12 young people carving pumpkins at our table in the kitchen.  They are laughing and having a wonderful time, as they enjoy spending time together.  There is a bonfire burning outside as well, and they will end up out there soon, drinking coffee, hot chocolate and hot cider and spend hours talking away.  They are tying the strings of friendship and camaraderie from heart to heart.  I hope that in the years to come they will raise their families together, still encouraging each other on!

I am blessed as I see my children walking this path.  The other day Lindsay and I saw a sign at a store that said "Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends."  She said "That pretty much describes our house!"  That made me a happy Mama!  

Give hospitality a try - and if you get the occasional grumpy person, chalk it up to a fluke and invite someone else the next week!  You'll be glad you did!



Terra said...

Your practice of hospitality is wonderful to hear about and I am sure many have been blessed when visiting in your home.

Alicia @ said...

Love this post! So upbeat and exciting. We love to have others over as well! Its always fun and a blessing, but I will admit I get exhausted too at the end! Looks like a fun pumpkin carving time. Love the smiles!

Kelly Hallahan said...

Great tips! I love seeing a family open their doors and love on people!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Deanna,

I enjoyed reading your post today, but also got a "chuckle" out of it. I still can't seem to get my brother-in-law and his wife to bring one thing over for Christmas dinner. They expect me to wait on them hand and foot. I think they should be reading your post today instead of me! Wonderful advice!

Vee said...

Deanna, you have really practiced hospitality and so your tips are from an expert. I particularly appreciate tip #3. Exactly, if finances don't allow, we can go a different route. Lovely family you have...that I can attest to. And what a sweet comment from Lindsay.

(I was here and read last night, but wanted to have the fun of connecting through Mr. Linky to comment. I'm weird like that. Ha!)

Cheryl said...

Deanna, all of your hospitality tips are such good ones! And I am happy to say that I can vouch for your entire family's warm and welcoming hospitality as we have experienced it firsthand!

You are a blessing! {{hugs}}

Lorrie said...

Good morning Deanna. These are great hospitality tips. I especially love the description of what was going on at your home while you wrote the post. Hospitality in action!

And number 3 - there are so many ways to practice hospitality, not just one.

Emily Fay said...

What a fun link up and I enjoyed reading your tips about hospitality. This is so important to us too - thank you for your thoughts!

Jean | said...

Hi, just came in from Coffee Tea Books and Me, where you mentioned you were in need of some cooking inspiration. All me to introduce you to my food blog, Delightful Repast!

I must tell you - this post has really inspired me. I'm an introvert and don't invite people over nearly as often as my extrovert husband would like to. Must remedy that soon!

Angela said...

Your tips are good to remember. I do hope that my children will continue to reach out to others through hospitality when they have homes of their own.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

You shared some great tips! I have to remind myself that hospitality doesn't just mean having people over for dinner.

Rebecca said...

I feel "at home" and have never stepped inside it - just by the warmth of your posts :)

I love your "style" and heart ♥


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