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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day After

 After the wind howled all day and night, I thought the leaves would be gone from the trees!  It is still raining that is why I only took photos from the doorways of my house.  This view is out the front door.

 The view out the back door, off the trees down as far as I can see, and the fence seems to be intact too!  The trees you see near the play house don't have very good roots.  The original owners of the house, cut these trees down - they line the creek - and did not grind out the stumps.  So multiple trees grew out of each stump.  We have lost many over the years, and we were sure several more would have been lost in this storm but so far everything seems fine.

The view into the pasture.  This is the trailer Tim is rehabbing.  He had to fix rusted out spots, weld things, put on new fenders...he has the front painted but needs a few dry days with temps over 55.  The folks he's working on this for took a while to get it inspected and to get the trailer to him, months in fact.  So, now in October, it has been rainy and it has taken him longer to finish than he wanted.  

The next few days should be rainy and windy.  We still could lose power, and if so we are prepared for that. 

We are thankful for answers to your prayers for us - We have no storm damage, we have our power, and we are all safe!

Thank you friends for your prayers!  We thank God for his protection! 


Melissa G said...

That's great that you didn't lose power and that you didn't have damage to your property! Glad you are all safe!

Cheryl said...

We, too, are thankful for little damage (a few leaks, short-lived power outages), while our hearts go out to those who have suffered devastation. Prayers continuing...

Terra said...

Praise God you came through the storm with flags flying and no damage.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!

Debbie said...

Thank God you fared well! What a lesson to this entire nation that when it's all said and done, there is One who really does control us all, yes?

Anonymous said...

Hi Deanna - Hope you fared well in the end. Apparently there has been a lot of devastation inland your way. Wonder how the PA Ren Faire grounds got through this! We went on October 6 and had a great time.

We never lost power and had no damage at all - even though we are 40 minutes from landfall at the shore. So many favorite spots destroyed down there. Folks can't even get back into Sea Isle City or Avalon - road completely washed out. Our woman's retreat in Ocean City this weekend is cancelled - it's under water.

God will be shown mighty in people's lives through this - joyful and thankful to have been held safe in the palm of his hand.

Jeanette Levellie said...

So thankful that you and your family are okay. We've been praying for all our friends out east, but especially our son in Erie. I spoke to him today, and he is fine.

God is faithful.


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