Sneak Peek Revealed!

On my birthday Tim and I went to several furniture stores that sell "fine" used furniture.  We found this loveseat in just the right colors for our home.
 One of the things we had to consider is the scale of the furniture, how we live in our space and how many people we want to be able to sit on it.  I was surprised at how large couches and love seats and chairs are these days!  We needed something on a bit smallish scale.

This loveseat is perfect for our space and we like it very much.

 It also is a dual reclining loveseat.  So cool!
 It works very well, and it holds quite a few people at a time.

 We also got this chair from Ikea to replace a chair that we put out of its misery.  We tend to use up our furniture - the previous chair, a recliner, we'd had for about 16 years. 

 Today my friend Amy came and spent the day with her children.  Her son went with Tim and Kyle to a men's event for church.  She brought me these delicious pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!  Oh my!  Good thing they are small, so that eating two is like eating just one regular cupcake, right?

We went to breakfast, then loaded up our kids and went to run some errands, get pumpkins - you can see one in the background - and we also popped into some antique stores.

Look what I found!

Isn't it adorable?  Did you know I have a thing for red plaid?   Well, I do.  Oh, yes.  The coaster doubles as a lid to keep your drink hot and the best thing?  It was 5 bucks. I had a cuppa in it tonight and it works quite well, thank you.

So are you tired of hearing about my birthday yet?  Rest assured, my fabulous week is now over.  I'll try not to bore you any more!

Church tomorrow, and wonderful fellowship await.  

I must go now.  I am guiding the kids through showers and prep for tomorrow - they pick out their clothes the night before.

We are hoping to watch another episode or two of Downton Abbey's 3rd season.  Lindsay found it online, and we are enjoying it.  No spoilers from me, so don't ask, but you could ask for the link....



  1. The sofa/love seat has such nice colors! Love the pattern. The Ikea chair looks comfy. The pumpkin muffin yummy and that plaid'll be your new autumn/winter favorite. Why can't this be your birthday month? Don't say goodbye to the celebration yet!

  2. Your love seat is fabulous...perfect for your home! (I am glad to have been able to see it first hand.) =D

    Those cupcakes look delicious. I have a weakness for anything pumpkin. Yum...

    Downton Abbey??? Online??? We were hoping to view season 3 before season 4 airs on TV! Can you share the link with me?

    I love that you extended your birthday celebrating through the week! We tend to extend ours a bit too...makes for lots of fun, doesn't it? =D

  3. Love the furniture! We tend to overuse things here as well, and then have to replace them!

    Your birthday week sounds divine! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself.

  4. The love seat is beautiful. And the double recliner function is perfect. And the rocker, and the cupcakes!
    Sounds like you have had a marvelous birthday week! (just caught up on older posts)
    Happy, Belated Birthday!

  5. Your new love seat looks really nice! My husband and I have been looking to get a new couch and loveseat for our living room. I am hoping we can find one soon! :)

  6. Link to Downton Abby Season 3, PLEASE!!!


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