Thursday, October 25, 2012

Putting On My Business Woman Hat

Tim and I are headed out this morning for a meeting with our marketing guy.  His company is building our new website - it is almost ready.  We have a few things to discuss with him about it, but they are small issues.

The thing is for me is that I don't always think of myself as a business woman.  I am a wife and mother, a daughter and a friend, but business woman?

When we did our event at Hershey a few weeks ago, I had been feeling like we would show up and be the "country cousins" so to speak.  I mean a huge fur company was there and a big diamond store!  I worried that we would be seen as 'lesser than' and be fish out of water.

However, as soon as we arrived we were treated as if we belonged there.  We were one of their vendors, one of the co-ordinators said "I'm so excited your here.  It's such great exposure for your store.  I'd never heard of you before."  Our business was booming that day, while others around us didn't do as well.

I learned a huge lesson that day.  We are a legitimate business.  We have great products and offer great, personalized service.  

So today, I'm putting on my business woman's hat and having a meeting.  I have hired this company to provide a service for us. He is working on a website for our business.  God has lead us down this path and has equipped me with everything I need to do it.

I am hoping that our grand opening of the website will be by November 1st!  Just in time for your holiday shopping pleasure!  I looked at the calendar and realized that there are only 29 more days until Black Friday!

I've got a lot to do before then!


  1. Im hoping to be one of your black friday shoppers. What a blessing to be in Gods plan and moving in the direction He has for you and your business.

  2. You do have lovely merchandise! I can't wait for you web site to be up...and just in time for Christmas shopping! Hope you sell like gangbusters this season!

  3. Oh never think of yourself like that again! You are a business woman and you will do well with it.

    I didn't know it was so short until black friday! My goodness.

  4. That's right! And you have nothing to apologize for! Just remember that...thanks to Cheryl. ☺

  5. women are You go, Deanna. Bless the economy in the process.

    Oh, and I think that your success is from the Lord and the work of your hands....not from the government. Just sayin'. :-)

  6. You have lots and lots of *lovely* pieces in your shop! :o)

  7. Good for you!!

    You can never discount the importance of marketing. (So says my daughter the marketing major... regularly)

  8. Celebrating your recent (and future) success with you!


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