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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Late October In The Garden

Just a few quick photos this morning taken with my iphone.  

 I love the color the hydrangea has mellowed into.  So beautiful.

 These are a mum that look so cheerful and daisy like.  They add a lot of color into the barren garden at this time of year.

 My Red Sunset Maples are finally turning....

It makes me so happy to see them.  They are one of the last to change color on our property and it extends the beauty by a week or so....

Thanks for all your thoughts yesterday.  They were similar to what I was thinking so that is encouraging.
Of course, I'll show you when we are done!  I'm excited to have another space that I can decorate and make welcoming for those who visit our shoppe!


  1. Thanks for the peek at your autumn garden. I absolutely love the hydrangea blooms! Hydrangeas, mums, red maple leaves...swoon. I adore autumn! (But I'm sure I've mentioned that.) ;)

  2. Your phone does a great job. Nice pics.

    I need to go read the comments from yesterday's posts. I was curious what others thought. Since I start thinking about Christmas in July I am not the best one to give advice on that subject.

  3. Oh I think I took off looking at last post's comments and didn't make my way back.

    I thought you were going to get out your "real" camera. ;> No matter, these photos are very good coming from a phone. The almost burgundy or wine color on the hydrangeas is so handsome. Do you make arrangements or wreaths with your hydrangeas? The color on your maples is pretty terrific and heading for peak. Maybe you'll get even more than a couple of weeks out of them.

  4. You're so lucky to have such mature maples! I planted a red sugar maple last fall so I have a while to go before it's as big as yours.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the maple tree~! My favorite! Each day on our walks, Cayden and I look for the ones in our neighborhood, watching to see how the leaves are changing, love it!

  6. Lovely! Lovely! And your blog background adds a very pretty touch of autumn!


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