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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Home Keeping: I Moved A Few Things

It all started on Saturday when I wanted to clean a bit in the kitchen.  I pulled everything off the counters and sprayed and wiped them down, Sarah dusted the walls behind them and the bottoms of the cabinets.  

The items we keep by the stove, cooking utensils in the red crock, knives in the knife block, salt and pepper all went back where they had been.  So did the jars of flour, brown rice and oatmeal.

But I decided to move the drink station.  I felt like it was so crowded.  So we moved the brew station and the electric kettle, and we moved the basket of teas.  

I was going to then move the plate rack under the cupboard where the drink station had been set up, but it was too tall.  Hmmm, what to do?

I decided to move my Ninja from the red shelves in the corner of the kitchen, to counter where the drink station had been and move the plate rack there.  So far it's working just fine, and the counter between the fridge and mostly clear.  It makes it nice for doing dishes now.

This then lead to me deciding to move my china hutch to the other wall in the living room.  

I like it and sometimes, it's just about making the change and trying something new.

Do you do this at your house?

Now to decide what to do with this area.  This is where the hutch was previously.  I have ideas, oh, yes I do!  We'll just see what we actually do!


Estelle's said...

Oh how sweet is your china cabinet! It reminds me so much of one my grandmother had. What a treasure! When we start cleaning, it often snowballs doesn't it? Well...spring cleaning as they say!

Vee said...

I used to move furniture all the time. Now I try hard not exhausting and I have no help. So move it while you have kid power. =) It is so nice to have everything squeaky clean and to have a system that is working better. One thing leads to another around here and I see that it is true there as well. Have fun!

podso said...

This is funny because it's exactly how it happens. One small change leads to another and before you know it we're moving furniture. And a china cabinet took some work I'm guessing, pulling out the china so it would not be so heavy.

Pennywise Cottage said...

I do love change but have not done so in a long time...

Lorrie said...

I love changing things up, too. These days I'm working on my guestroom. One change does lead to another. It's a good way to clean, too. Enjoy!

Cheryl said...

It is thrilling to hone your system and make it work better! (Maybe I thrill easily...but it's true.) :)
I love your tea hutch. It would look beautiful anywhere!

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