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Saturday, March 7, 2015

She's Home

After the disappointment of a cancelled flight, we got her on the next flight available with the same airline.  She got in 24 hours after she would have arrived.

I headed out in the forenoon to get groceries, giving the plows and the sunshine a chance to do their work on the roads.  I was just fine getting around yesterday.  A few areas were not plowed very well, but the van did just fine on the roads.

I got home around Five O'clock and took this photo while standing by the van.

There is such beauty in every season.

Soon Tim arrived home from clearing my parents driveway (it is a steep hill) and getting my niece's car up the driveway.  FYI - wood ash works wonders!

We then headed out to get Emma, by way of our Texas friends' home.  They wanted the kids to come hang out with their kids while we picked Emma up at BWI.  This also allowed Emma to see them before they head back to Texas today.  We love them and are going to miss them so very much.

Some of Emma's favorite boyfriends.

With Sarah and Ally.

This morning she headed to Nate and Kay's to surprise Kamryn.  Kamryn didn't know she was coming, so it was fun when Emma woke her up this morning.
 After they ate french toast, they went out to play in the snow a bit.

Can you see the snow ball that Kamryn threw?

We are having a low key day.  It's so nice.  Emma is working on a paper on the book of James.  The girls are going to watch the Downton Abbey Christmas Special with her.  Nate and Kay are coming here for dinner.  Kay is making us her famous chicken enchiladas.  

Tim is back from plowing Lindsay and Joseph's driveway - they are away on an anniversary trip.  It wouldn't have been fun for them to come home to 10 1/2 inches of snow on their driveway.

Tomorrow my parents and my niece and our friend Denny, will be joining us to celebrate Emma's 21st birthday!  These are special times, and we cherish them.


podso said...

It sounds like Tim is doing a lot of snow removal this weekend! Have fun with Emma there.

Cheryl said...

Soooo glad to hear that your girl arrived safe and sound!! Happy Birthday to Emma...and a joyful weekend to all of you!!

Vee said...

Phew! I am so glad that Emma got home at last. She sounds like such a fun gal to have in the family and for a friend. So glad that she was in time to say "so long for now" to your dear friends, too. Perhaps it feels like a bittersweet day, but I know you folks have plans. Party hearty tomorrow!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Oh he has! But he loves serving other people.

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday to your Emma.....Sounds like you're packing a lot of good living into your hours together. Yes, there IS beauty in all seasons.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

21 is such a special birthday and I hope all your festivities for today went off without interference by weather. Happy Birthday to your daughter and enjoy family and friends being together.

Theresa said...

Happy day that Emma finally made it home! That picture of the snow, with the sunset thru the trees is SO beautiful! Enjoy your day dear friend and Happy Birthday celebration!


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