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Friday, May 15, 2015


They've each gathered a sampling of their work and are ready to meet with our beloved evaluator, Tracy.

We must show a log of days kept, a curriculum list, a reading list for each child.  The kids have now completed 10th, 7th and 4th grade.  Kamryn has finished preschool and I'll be starting her in Kindergarten work this next year.

Sarah and Rachel have over 30 books on their lists for this year and Kyle has 21.  Amazing.

Next week I'll turn these into the school district along with the required information for next year.  

We will be on summer break until August, when we will start again.


  1. Your regulations seem a bit stiffer than ours do down here. But it reminds me of what we had to do when we lived up north. I'm sure you are pleased to have accomplished so much with your students! And next year four different grades!

  2. Congrats! that's quite an accomplishment!

  3. Since you kindly explained the home schooling system to me I can appreciate the significance of all these books and lists.
    Enjoy your summer vacation - more time to work on a wedding now!

  4. Hope that all goes very well with Tracy and the school district. Some of the rumblings of the past day or two have sent me to The Lord asking for favor so I pray for favor for your scholars. They have worked hard.

  5. With evaluations done, you can just relax and prop your feet up, right? Ha!! :D

    Full speed ahead with wedding prep, school planning, house organizing, gardening... (Am I making you tired? I'll stop.)

  6. Oh, what those logs & papers represent! In spite of the effort required to keep/compile them, there really IS satisfaction in tying things together this way, isn't there? Trusting all is beyond satisfactory in the eyes of the evaluator...


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