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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sweet 16!

Rachel is 16 today!

I thought it would be fun to show you some photos of her through the years.  I don't have the younger ones all scanned yet but I do have these.

 Rachel at about age 10 with her cousin Ethan.  

Rachel with Tim at Fort Necessity.

 Rachel with her cousin Kaitlin.

 She is a lover of books.  We are especially enjoying the author Lisa T. Bergren's books right now.

 Beauty, inside and out.


Owner of her first 'real' cello!

This girl is quiet, but has depths to her soul. Once you know her, she is fun and goofy, too.  She loves the cello, horses, babies, her dog Sadie.  She is eager to go get her driving permit on Tuesday!

She is a gift to our family and we are grateful for her.


  1. Birthday blessings to sweet, beautiful Rachel!!

  2. Sixteen so soon? Oh I know what that means...she'll be off to college next week. Here's to a happy birthday week to a truly lovely girl!

  3. Oh happy birthday Miss 16...she is absolutely lovely...and talented! What a blessing she is to her family! Birthday wishes from Texas!

  4. She has grown into a lovely young lady.

  5. She has grown into such a lovely young woman.


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