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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Garden: What's Blooming In May

The flower garden inside the picket fence is growing well!  Tim and  I trimmed the two boxwoods and my Goldmound Spirea two weeks ago and they are looking good.  Amazing how it made the garden look more tidy right away!

 In between Tim's work with his new business and his regular job, he managed to repaint the lamppost, and the light fixtures on the outside of the house.  They had been up for 14 years in all sorts of weather and it was time to either repaint them or replace them.  Repainting was the best choice as we still liked the look of them.  Having a fresh coat of paint has made a huge improvement!

 The Iris are looking good with the lamppost and the gold mound spirea.

 The spirea got a good trim this year too, and I love it's chartreuse leaves.  It'll be blooming soon as well.

 I have these lovely, tiny white iris in my garden but it looks as if I am only getting one bloom this year.  Sad.

 The Zephirine Drouhin climbing rose is blooming with more blooms to come!  I love to look out my front window and see it trailing on the picket fence!

 It's such a pretty, little rose!

 Kay gave me bleeding heart from her garden and it is growing well!  I love bleeding heart!

 These are my peonies in the front garden.  The best smell ever.  I have pale pink peonies in the back of the house that are gorgeous too!

This isn't the best photo but I wanted to show you my new french lavender!  It has taken to its new home and has two blooms on it right now.  This is growing behind the spirea and the purple blooms look beautiful against the chartreuse leaves of the spirea.

There is more to come in the next few months.  Feverfew, Black-eyed Susans, Echinacea, poppies, daylilies.  

I love this beautiful time of year in the garden.  Always something to enjoy and also to cut and bring in to the house!

What's growing in your flower gardens?


  1. Your garden is full of pretty things!! Our yard is sort of in between right now. The lilacs and japonica are done and the irises are waning. The spiderwort is still in bloom. Soon to lilies and golden yarrow. The limelight hydrangea is full of buds...can't wait for those!

  2. No blooms yet now that the daffodil is gone, except for the azalea. That photo of the black lamp post and the iris is sooooo pretty! Beautiful photography!

  3. Pink roses are my favorite but they are All beautiful. We've had tons of rain here and we are working in the yard as well...

  4. Our peonies were pathetic this year, not sure why I think we need to move them to more sunlight. Other years they have been fine though so not sure the problem. there wasn't even a decent one to bring into the house! Hope you're having a nice holiday weekend.

  5. blooms and eye popping beauty. yesterday we gardened, adding a good amount of flowering plants to the yard, front and back. still more to do/add/transform.. gardens are ever evolving. love the newly painted post. you've a handy hubby there, friend.

  6. So beautiful! I love this time of year. Flowers and my vegetable garden are happy with our blessing of rain. However, it's getting to be a bit much-but no complaints.
    Keep the beautiful pics coming!

  7. So many pretty plants I have and white Iris plant and I got several blooms off off it.. I'm waiting for my Blue ones to make some blooms.. I didn't have such good luck with my Lavender plant it work for the first year and died on me the second I don't have a clue as to why.. Love the painted lamp post. Happy Planting with love Janice


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