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Monday, May 4, 2015

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

When Diana Spencer came on the scene I was a 17 year old girl, dreaming of my own prince.  She was not much older than me, and though I thought Andrew much better looking than Charles, I was delighted to follow all the plans for the royal wedding.  

I followed Diana's life after that and was interested in the Royal family.  One of my Dad's great-grandmothers' had been a seamstress to ladies in waiting at Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria's reign.

While I don't follow the family as closely as I did in those days, I've been delighted to see William and Kate marry and be very happily married.  Their little son George, third in line to the throne, is adorable and now a big brother!

 Prince George came with Daddy to visit his baby sister and Mummy at the hospital before they brought the baby home.

Kate looking radiant.   Both she and William look very happy at the safe arrival of their sweet wee girl.

I've seen a lot of women discussing Kate coming out just a few hours after giving birth to show off the baby and then heading home.  Some have commented on the fact that the dress was mostly white.  They talked about how bad they felt after giving birth and how 'poor Kate' was trotted out for publicity.

I have to say that I always felt great after I gave birth.  I had lots of energy and while I did rest, I came home as soon as possible.  I liked being in my own bed and house.  

I don't think that Kate is forced to come out and show off the baby. They were ready to come home.  She is happy and for them it is better to give a photo opportunity of them with the baby, than to try to keep her shielded and make her a TARGET for paparazzi.  Can you imagine what the first shot of the baby would have been worth?  They are very smart to give everyone a chance to take all the photos they want right away.  

 She is so darling with those cheeks!  

 The Bridge lit up to celebrate the birth of a girl!

And today her name was announced
I have to say that I knew they would use Diana. Princes William and Harry love to honor their mother every chance they get.  I also knew that Diana would NOT be her first name.  Can you imagine the paparazzi with that?!  I thought they would honor the Queen, as well, so I figured Elizabeth would be one of her names.  That left one more name and I was fairly certain it would be Charlotte, though Victoria could have been in the running as well.
Isn't she precious?

I pray that William and Kate will know the Lord and that their children will know Him too.  That was always my prayer for Diana; that God would put someone in her life who would share truth with her.


  1. I pray the same for this sweet couple and their children. The baby's name is lovely and she is beautiful in her mother's arms.

  2. I was not a fan of the order of names chosen and would have switched that up. Elizabeth Diana Charlotte or Victoria Elizabeth Diana. = D

    Funny how we Americans can get so caught up in the stories of royals. Must be our Brit roots showing.

    She certainly is adorable with a darling big brother and a gorgeous mother and a happy father. Your desire for them is no less than The Lord's Himself.

  3. When Diana married Prince Charles, I rose very early in the morning to watch the royal wedding. If you know what a night owl I am, and that I also had an 11-month-old baby, you know that I really wanted to see it to get up that early! Prince William was born about a month before my second baby.

    It is delightful to see this beautiful family grow! Yes, we love to watch and admire the royals, don't we? My prayer echos yours.

  4. Well I had to come here to learn the name--they used all three of the talked of possibles. I was away from the news all day. The baby is so pretty isn't she? I doubt Kate would have come out if she was feeling poorly. She is probably healthy and in good shape and had a good delivery and then went home and went to bed! And lots of help there for her too I'm sure. So smart to do what they did!

  5. PS We were in London the morning Prince William was born!

  6. Those are TWO precious children:) I love the name! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. We join you in that prayer. I am over the moon happy for them! Both children are beyond precious...Welcome little Charlotte Elizabeth Diana....

  8. Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles, and I think because he is living as well as the other Charlotte's being well loved, I think this is the reason. Elizabeth was chosen next because it is Carole Middleton and Kate's middle name. Then Diana last. I love them all, and their reasons.

    I was the only 12 year old girl with a subscription to Royalty and Majesty magazines in Kentucky, of that I'm sure.

  9. It is interesting how Americans love our royalty, being part of the British Commonwealth the royals have always been in our lives although we don't sing God Save the Queen as often. I have a full box of Diana memorabilia as she was a favourite for standing apart from tradition in some matters.
    I like the name they chose for the princess and wished I looked that great after giving birth. :-)


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