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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Latest Chalk Paint Project

I'm learning new things about using chalk paint, every time I paint. I am a fan of Annie Sloan chalk paint and love the many colors that are available.  I was able to purchase two new colors with some money that was gifted to me for Mother's Day.  I chose Old White and French Linen.

We have lots of wood furniture - oak mostly - that we have had for many years.  They are in really good shape but need a bit of freshening up, and you all know by now how I love to change things up around here!

I decided to do one of my end tables in French Linen.  It is a grey tone, and it is not a color I have used in my home before, but I have seen many project painted in this color and new I would like it.  It has a vintage feel.

 I lightly distressed just the edges of the table top.

I bought 300 grit sandpaper and after I waxed the table I used the sandpaper and got a very soft to the touch finish!

I took these photos in the afternoon with the sun streaming through the windows.  At night with just the ambient lighting the color is much darker.

I will be doing more projects with this color in the future.  Have you used chalk paint before?  I know that Dotsie has.  She did a wonderful buffet for her dining room recently.  

Now to figure out what to use the Old White on.....

For more information on chalk paint check out my Pinterest board Chalk Paint.


  1. I have never used chalk paint, but I've heard so much about it! Great job on the table. It looks beautiful!

  2. Your hands have done magic on the table. It looks beautiful. I have not used chalk paint...

  3. Just read your last three posts if I may, I will comment here, Loved what you did with the bed linens, I too lightens things for summer, just haven't done mine yet, I guess I better hurry or summer wilL soon be gone!

    The evaluations were awesome! You have done a wonderful job, I can tell that you enjoy teaching your children, I am so pro home schooling! The bond formed between teacher (mother), can never be broken! As you mentioned about the adult children doing so well! As we say here in the South, "The proof is in the pudding"! I couldn't be more proud if they were my own children, what a joy to read this, loved the photo of Kyle reading!

    I have never used chalk paint, but have wanted to try it as I have a lot of furniture needing to be freshened up too! IThe reason is, I was a little afraid of trying it, your end table looks lovely! Thanks for the motivation!
    Have a blessed day,

  4. It looks really good. It's amazing what a difference the light can make with paint, especially a whitish gray like yours seems to be. I like the light distressing you did. It's all so forgiving, If you don't like it you can just paint over it!

  5. As I have still not gotten around to my own project, I am following yours with keen interest! Your "new" table looks wonderful!! I love how a little paint can give a piece new life!

    A busy day yesterday kept me from commenting, but kudos to you and your students on those glowing evaluations!

  6. I've never used chalk paint, but you're inspiring me. I've got a book case that could use some freshening and this may just be the thing. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  7. I have not used chalk paint, but I think about it a lot. Your table looks very nice. I inow that Dotsie's buffet turned out beautifully!

  8. ASCP Chalk Paint is **amazing**...! yes i use it, and work for a stockist of the product. highly recommended paint. :) i've done quite a few pieces using the Old White color which is my favorite.

  9. The table looks Super! I like the color!

  10. Your chalk paint project turned out well. I love the grey color. Chalk paint is so popular, but I've never used it, although I did paint my dining room chairs and the china cabinet a few years ago. I used cabinet paint and didn't distress them.


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