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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Romance Department

The romance department is in full swing around here!

Nate and Kayleigh are putting plans into high gear, heading toward their September 5th wedding.  As of now we are going to host it here, so we are thinking through the logistics of things like where everyone will park and should we rent some porta potties.

 We are very happy for them.

Summer will be busy working out the details.

Emma will be back in late August into early September for the wedding.  When she comes she'll be bringing a friend.

You may remember that he visited here at Easter.

They started out as friends, and just before Easter they recognized that friendship was blossoming into something more.  They won't see each other much over the summer, as he is working in his hometown and she'll be working at EI.  

We are excited for them, too.

It is such a fun time in our family life, and we are grateful to God for His goodness to us.


  1. So much happiness and sweet romance.. wonderful.

  2. That is all so exciting!! You are going to be very busy! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  3. I just love a good romance story, and am so happy for your family! I also love reading of thankful hearts as your!,
    Many continued blessings,

  4. Lovely! One might get the idea that it is spring around here.

  5. Romance is in the air for your family. Exciting times.

  6. :) Such wonderful times ahead for your family!

  7. This will be quite the event to plan, right down to renting some porta potties. I hope things run smoothly and some good ideas come about.

  8. Good times rolling along at your house! And I think you love to plan, so there may be a lot of that in your future!

  9. Twitterpated as they say in Bambi. It's fun and delightful to watch.


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