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Monday, May 18, 2015

Home Keeping: Changing The Bed Linens

I love a nicely made bed, and if it is pretty, so much the better!

I love adding white on my bed when the weather turns warmer.  The comforter goes to storage until Autumn, and I bring out lighter bedding.    I have an older matelass√©, that I now use as a cover on the couch in my bedrooms' sitting area.  I was in need of something new, and I found this beautiful quilted coverlet at Christmas Tree Shops.  It was $29.95, can you believe it?!

Do you make changes to your rooms seasonally?  

In other news....

Emma is on her way back to South Carolina today.  Prayers for a safe journey are appreciated.


  1. Very pretty coverlet. Are you still loving the yellow and red combo? It sure is easy on the eyes. Traveling mercies for Emma and for coming home in a few short weeks, too. A school year does fly!

  2. That is a beautiful bed ! I love a pretty bed and pretty dinning room table ! Prayers for Emma !

  3. I am loving the new coverlet (perfect for summer!)...and I am loving the price! (Christmas Tree Shops is the bomb!)

    Prayers for Emma as she makes her way to South Carolina...

  4. I do like a change and just switched ours out for the summer. Yours is pretty! Great find,


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