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Friday, November 6, 2015

It's THAT Time of Year

You know.

Everyone hates to mention it too soon, unless you are Canadian and have already had your Thanksgiving!  

It's a beautiful, wonderful thing called Christmas.  

 I whispered it so maybe it won't cause too much, stress on anyone.  I mean I do understand as I am still  enjoying Autumn here.  (My Cleveland Pear is starting to turn and its going to be gorgeous!)
The reason I am mentioning the C word, is two-fold.

1. If you do a lot of handmade gifts, you are already busy working on gifts.  I know I am.

2. The local theaters have begun their Christmas shows!  

You know that we have close ties with Sight and Sound Theaters .
There is another theater nearby that does their own Christmas shows, besides being a venue for groups that are making oldies tours, The Gaither Vocal Band, Loretta Lynn, and The Beach Boys all played there this summer.

Tonight, is the employee premier of The Miracle of Christmas, at Sight and Sound.  We are blessed to be able to go because we have kids who work there.

This also means that the Christmas will have begun in my mind, and I am going to have to work hard to keep it in check until after Thanksgiving!

I'll try.  Really I will.  But I make no promises.  Christmas talk may slip out here and there on the blog before the end of November.

I know you'll forgive me, as I have a lot going on with those two holidays, and Emma's wedding on December 29th.  



  1. How awesome!!! Christmas can never be celebrated too early!!! Thanksgiving and Christmas go hand in hand in my book!!!

  2. I don't mind the C word - I start thinking of it after our Thanksgiving - and, as you've said, if one is planning to make anything, starting now is the best plan. You do have a lot on your plate with the wedding so soon after Christmas. Take time to enjoy - I know you will.

  3. =D Many reasons why mentions of Christmas are welcome...have just come from another blogger where she shared some of the things that she has been working on. Made me think that I need to get cracking.

    1. P.S. So glad that I came back. That is a top-notch, thoroughly professional production. And I loved seeing the real animals and hearing the beautiful singing.

  4. I am like you, it is time to whisper Christmas. I picked out a Christmas gift for one of our sons this week, and soon I will post about the book about celebrating Christmas that I co-authored. How exciting that Emma's wedding is Dec. 29.

  5. I love the C word, and try to tie both Thanksgiving and Christmas together! My Mother decorates early for Christmas, my Dad once asked her why, her reply was, "Because I am thankful for Christmas"!
    Loved the trailor for The Christmas Miracle, we love live theater productions!
    Have a blessed weekend.


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