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Monday, November 9, 2015

Weightloss Update

Frankly there has been no more weight loss, other than the few pounds that go up and then go down, again.  However, I am encouraged that I'll be able to maintain my weight loss, once I get to where I want to be!  I've been doing a great job! (wry smile)

Since mid August I've been at this place, and obviously I have more to lose.  I know that several things have been going on, like the busyness of planning two weddings, and Tim starting his business.  I have eaten more cross over type meals due to convenience.  This does not help weight loss.

I sometimes feel frustrated because "I could be down more pounds," but at least I haven't gained it back!  And though I have not lost inches in the hip/lower belly area for a while, I have lots inches everywhere else!

Today I will begin to do some toning exercises, and some deep stretching exercises.  It's time to strengthen this core that has been allowed to be lax and that has been stretched through carrying 6 babies.  

I do have degeneration of the facets on the back side of the spine, in the lower portion of my back.  This is painful at times so I am trying to be careful to not cause more pain.

The other thing I am doing is making meals from the cookbook, which ensures that I am eating 'on plan.'  This is very helpful.  However I feel as if my biggest need is to plan ahead.  Make snacks and treats ahead and keep them in the fridge or freezer for easy access.  That will keep me from choosing something not on plan or something that doesn't help with weight loss.  

Emma gets married in 7 weeks.  Hopefully I'll be trimmer, through toning and weight loss by then!   



  1. You never give up and that's important, also really wonderful that you haven't gained any back.

  2. Best wishes!! I believe you'll be able to accomplish in part, if not all, what you'd like to achieve. :-) I'm starting on the Plexus journey and am very excited to see what it can do for me, both health-wise and weight-wise. Stressful, busy times do lend a hand towards NOT losing weight, it seems. My experience is that I simply don't have the time to be careful and track (Weight Watchers).

  3. I wish I could say the same (that I had maintained my weight loss from a few years back)! It's good to assess, take a deep breath, and renew our commitments from time to time, isn't it?

  4. It is not easy to lose weight and keep it off. The good news is that you are so motivated, you feel so much better, and you know how to fix it with preparation. And, true, you have learned how to maintain. And you didn't even need to be this honest! Very transparent of you. Cheering you on, as always.

  5. Losing weight is soooo hard.. I lost married last December...and have put on 25....Im on my way back down again...but I love to cook, bake...and eat....Im focusing on Christmas right now...then see how it goes next year. Stay can do this
    Phoebe x

  6. I think that maintaining your weight in the midst of a busy season of life is quite an accomplishment!! You have made a long-term commitment and I have no doubt that you will keep on going!


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