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Monday, November 23, 2015

Wedding Planning : Cake

Today we are going to taste cake!

When Lindsay was getting married, she contacted bakeries for pricing so we could have an idea of what we were looking at, cost wise.  Some used voicemail and we were surprised that a few never returned her call.  We assumed they didn't need our business, so we didn't bother to call again.

In our area in early 2014, wedding cakes were averaging $5.50 a slice, which of course means if you are having 200 guests you're going to be paying $1,100 for cake!

No, thank you!  

What we did was we found a wonderful baker who's rate was $3.50 a slice and then got a cake that could feed 100 people.  What about the other 125 guests we had at Lindsay and Joseph's wedding?  Did they go cakeless?

Nope.  We bought delicious sheet cakes from Costco in several flavors and served that.  We are budget conscience around here and taste conscience!  The Costco cakes are great, and in fact when Nate and Kay got married, we just did a Costco cake for them, as she is not a big cake person anyway. Here's a photo of it.

For Emma's wedding she wants a tiered cake so we're going back to the baker we found for Lindsay's wedding.  It will be small, she wants to be able to save her top layer for their first anniversary, and have some to cut for the wedding, but she doesn't want a big cake.  We are looking for small and special.

Then we'll get a sheet cake or two from Costco in her wedding colors and that will be plenty of cake.  

 Lindsay and Joseph's wedding cake!  The topper is so them!


Theresa said...

YUM! I would volunteer for the taste testing:) Cute cake topper! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Sherry said...

excellent plan. i once helped with a wedding where they chose the all american chocolate cake .. they bought enough to feed 200+ people and it turned out very economical and **everyone** loved it! those cakes are so large that i was able to cut it using a wedding cake cutting guideline and still the portions were generous.

Vee said...

That is a very good tip!

podso said...

Great idea with the sheet cake. People are just happy to eat cake!


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