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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy Saturday

We went to the movies yesterday and enjoyed it very much.  Since we went on a school day, in the morning no less, we very nearly had the place to ourselves.

The theater has big reclining seats, I was so comfortable!  The movie was really good, and we've been enjoying talking about it and it's themes and characters.

Today, I am hoping to get my desk cleared, and to get to some hemming of pants that have, embarrassingly, put off for too long now.

I'm still knitting hats.  I'm working with a lovely green right now.  I'm also finding time to read a series of books that Kati  got me started on when she gifted me with the first two books!  It's The Scottish Crown series by Carol Umberger.  I'm on book three now and Sarah has finished them all!


I also plan to do a bit of baking, trying out some new THM recipes.

Tim is taking Sarah, and going to help his friend Caleb begin to move.  The big furniture will be moved on Tuesday, but tomorrow they are moving all the other stuff!  Tim likes to take the kids along to learn to help and serve others.  He's going to treat her to breakfast.

What are you doing today? 


  1. Good morning dear friend! I am just getting my day started! What movie did you see? I think going to a movie, having a big tub of buttered popcorn and relaxing in those comfy chairs sounds like fun:) Have a blessed day Deanna, HUGS!

  2. Reading your blog is always a peaceful break for me - thank you for writing so regularly. For me, I'll be putting out Christmas decorations, doing laundry, knitting, and hopefully some reading.

  3. We are welcoming cold (for us) weather today. Bright and sunny. Our day holds a wedding shower (for an 70-something!) and a funeral.

  4. Sounds like a good day in store! Projects, reading, cooking, helping, working, giving...all good!

    (I'd have probably fallen asleep in a dark theater with comfortable reclining chairs!) ;)

  5. Hello Deanna
    A good day all around at Creekside Cottage, don't you love getting caught up? I baked Scottish Dundee cakes for the first time today and both hubby and I give them a thumbs up - I'll include them in my next post.

  6. Today was real exciting....I helped a friend move.....:)


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