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Friday, November 13, 2015

Wedding Planning: Flowers


We're off this morning to the wholesale florist, with my friend Susan who is a wonderful floral designer.  We met with her on Monday and have narrowed some colors and style down and now are going to have a look so Emma can see just what certain flowers will look like together.


I bought flowers at this place for Nate and Kay's wedding in early September.  I love going there.

Later I'll be doing my usual Mom things - school, grocery shopping and taking Rachel to work.

What are you up to today? 

All photos from Pinterest. None are planned for Emma's wedding.  I just thought they were beautiful!


  1. Nice to see these gorgeous flowers on this sunny fall day. The grands are on their way over for the day so that's what I'll be doing.

  2. That sounds like a pleasant way to spend some time. And it will smell so fresh and good! You folks are so organized!

    I'll be in the sewing room trying to put more together than I take apart. I must mend a tablecloth that I wish to use for Thanksgiving. It requires some patching so I'll be finding some lace to put behind the holes. Yes! More than one.

  3. Happy flower shopping/wedding planning to you!! I know it's all going to be beautiful!!

  4. love seeing things come together for your daughter and her intended. <3
    ... hubby's home (at work presently though) from his business trip.
    i'm doing regular home keeping and washing his clothes from this week
    then will iron and pack for him again for he leaves very early monday
    for another week away. tonight and through the weekend i'll be plating
    some of his favorite foods. love that guy.

  5. Up to? Nothing NEARLY as romantic as what you were up to! :)
    Hubby and I enjoyed a morning out - which for us included thrift store shopping with some "happy" finds (much needed stuff at great prices)...Then lunch at a great Italian place where we shared a table with a truck driver from New York state whose truck had broken down not too far from the restaurant. An unexpected pleasure. Now were up to exactly "NOTHING"!

  6. Love flowers! Floral arranging is one of those interests of mine that I hope to do more of some day. I spent the afternoon at my salon observing - loved it! But, I'm getting nervous - enrollment appt. is Tuesday!


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