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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garden In Late May

Most of my gardens are not worth mentioning right now.  This cold spring has finally changed this week to a warm early summer and I am hoping this helps the gardens.

I mentioned the other day that the iris' had begun to bloom,

and that the Zephirine Drouhin rose bush was about to burst with blooms
Poor munched on leaves!

This is the rose this morning!

I'm not a great gardener, but I know I need to give some attention to this bush.  I see some black spot in this photo.  

My peonies remain closed, but they are so close!  I'm thinking this warm weather will help!

 The dainty white iris' have bloomed now, too!

 The Echinacea (purple coneflower) is coming on strong

 The sweet Bleeding heart grew well and had delightful blooms this spring,

 Here is a Annabelle Hydrangea that was gifted to me!  It's got some blooms started on it!  Very excited about this hydrangea!

And this large Hollyhock!  I love old fashioned flowers in my garden to enjoy and to cut for the house.

We are getting mulch soon, and I spied a few weeds that need to be pulled.  The picket fence is going to get a few new sections, so it hasn't been repainted yet.  These things take time and money and with starting our business last August, we've had to choose carefully where both are allocated.    We did just talk about it last evening so I think we'll set a bit aside for this garden, and hopefully have a few non rainy Saturdays when we have the time to get to these kinds of projects.

Joining Laura, Stacey, Jemma, and Laura at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.


  1. Love the white picket fence and your glorious Spring blooms:)
    Great to have you join us at TOHOT!

  2. Beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. hydrangeas & hollyhocks :: two of my favorite.
    love the hydrangea buds springing forth. :)

  4. Deanna, your garden is lovely and so cottagey. I've never had hollyhocks but one of these days I will. :)

    Happy Thoughts of Home ♥

  5. Your peonies look ready to give you a good show and what a difference a few days can make with the roses. I'm glad you're having nicer weather now. Enjoy!

  6. Oh bleeding hearts and peonies are some of my favorites! Thank you so very much for joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


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