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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tuesdays Are Family Days

My dad goes bowling on Tuesdays, so he drops my mom off here on his way.  He'll hang out for a while then leaves.

Yesterday, they had Kamryn with them because she spent the night at their house.  

 Every one on an electronic device - 

When Dad left, Mom and I moved outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Kamryn and Kyle were skating off and on, and I was enjoying the beauty of my Iris's in bloom and roses in bud!

 Something has been nibbling on the leaves but there are dozens of rose buds on this bush.  It will be gorgeous in no time!

Kamryn was pouting in this photo!

She's grown so much this past year, developmentally.  You can tell she is getting to be a big girl.

Yesterday was also my firstborn's birthday!  Nate is now 27!  That is crazy!  I'm certain I am only 25!  He and Kayleigh came by to pick up Kamryn, after they had gone out for lunch to celebrate.  I should have taken a photo of them.

Earlier in the day, Kyle sent birthday greetings to Nate.

After Nate, Kay and Kamryn headed home, I headed for the kitchen to start making dinner.  I made Salisbury steak, green beans and brown rice. Tim arrived home just as dinner was ready! Mom and Dad stayed for dinner, and after dinner Kyle washed the van and I went out and together we washed my parents car and the civic.  Tim and the kids showed my parents how they used a plastic riser to roll down the hill (there was video of this that happened on Sunday). later Joseph and Lindsay came over to watch a movie, and gave it a try, too!  Mom and Dad decided to not stay as it was nearly 9:00 pm. There was a lot of laughter happening here yesterday.  It is a rotating door around here sometimes, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

To see my kids enjoy each other and to see the love they have for my parents and for us, is a gift I never take for granted.


  1. That was fun family time. If Nate is 27 you must be at least 28, LOL. I think the same way about our sons. Time flies by.

  2. How blessed you are! These are the things that truly matter.

  3. Your first photo looks like our house when family is visiting. lol
    Nice to have a productive yet relaxing day while family comes and goes.

  4. Sounds like a full & fun day!
    Our "revolving door" spins slower these days, but that's find with me :)

  5. I absolutely love your "open door" home...the ebb and flow of family and friends coming and going and multiple generations enjoying one another. You are blessed!!

  6. You are so blessed to have your family close to you both geographically and spirit! You've got a truly fun bunch there!


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