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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Photos

We had a lovely day yesterday.  Very relaxed.  Rachel ordered a large platter of chicken strips from Chick-fil-A on Saturday and she  brought them home with her from work.  She only had to reheat the Sunday afternoon.  It was easy and delicious!  Sarah made a huge green salad, someone brought beans, and Lindsay made two wonderful desserts - a chocolate cake and fresh berries and whipping cream!  Yum!

Of course we always have to try to get photos, and it was very windy so my hair and my dress kept doing crazy things!  

First a group selfie!  Rachel is good at this!

My mom and I!  My hair really is not this weird under normal circumstances!

Here is a photo from last year -

Sarah being Sarah wanted to hang from the tree!

My handsome son! 

You can't tell from this photo but we were fighting the wind and a certain photobombing husband.

She's a softie and decided to reward her photobomber!  {smile}

I'll leave you with a photo that delights my heart
My darling bookends!

Hope your day was a sweet as mine was.  My kids gave me a generous gift certificate to buy my paint brushes and maybe some paint and Rachel gave me a can of Old White by Annie Sloan!

I feel so blessed to call these people mine.  I'm grateful for them all!

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