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Friday, August 19, 2016

Changes In The Living Room

As my grandmother used to say, "You just don't never know." In this case its about what's going to happen when I start thinking.  

I'd been pondering making a change in the seating arrangement in the living room for a while but with the fireplace and the piano, I was pretty well stuck.

But not anymore!  (Disclaimer - I haven't rearranged the items hanging on walls, on shelves, or table tops yet.)

 We'd (translation - I) been talking about moving the piano out of the living room because Sarah is the only one who plays and then not everyday.  She is one who would be content to leave things where they are, but she got into the idea of having her piano in her bedroom.  Her room is small but it is shaping up nicely. (she is going to rearrange her artwork on the walls as well!)

Some of the sketches on the walls are her own.  She is a reader and an artist, and a lover of poetry and Tolkien and Lewis.

I will be working on the living room/kitchen space this weekend and I hope to give you a sneak peek tomorrow!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Looks good! I love your floors.

  2. I love changing things around!! Alas, there's not much I can do in the way of rearranging furniture so I just keep moving around all the other stuff!
    Amber took her piano with her when she married. However, we still have a baby grand in the den - and neither one of us play.....and an organ....

  3. My piano is in my bedroom, too. Works well for me. Hope that it works well for Sarah!

  4. hmm a number of us are either downsizing furniture and smalls, or moving them around room to room. nice solution with the piano ..

  5. With her personality and interests, it's perfect! Now, I wish I'd thought about other possibilities before giving away our piano. (I do have an electronic keyboard, but it's not the same.)

  6. Exciting!! I love house-y things! And new solutions!

  7. Great idea! You've got the creative juices flowing!


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