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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Home Keeping: Kitchen Update

Last fall, our over the stove microwave died.  We had just started our business in August, and my husband was not wanting to spend any extra money, so we borrowed a small counter top microwave and life went on.

We don't cook in a microwave - we use it to reheat things and melt butter, basically.  We don't even cook microwave popcorn.  We old school it on the stove top!  Tim makes the best popcorn ever, but I digress.

When winter came we stuffed the vent with a towel and there it stayed, through the holidays, through spring, until this weekend.

We went to Lowe's and found a one we liked.  

I'm so happy to not have a gaping hole above the stove with a towel shoved in the vent!  This is SO much nicer!

Now to find drawer pulls and handles that I like without breaking our budget!

Joining the lovely ladies at Thoughts of Home on Thursday!


  1. Another great gift!! Your kitchen is looking fabulous!!

  2. Love how your kitchen looks! I got my drawer handles and pulls at Hobby Lobby online when they were 50 percent off. Lots of pretty choices.

  3. You're so cute! A great big old appliance to melt butter! Hahahahaha...what? I do that, too? Yup, my giant microwave is used to melt butter and make oatmeal. That's it. Why are we doing this to ourselves? It sure does look great there and everything is looking wonderful in your kitchen. Wait, I just thought of another function...telling time!

  4. It's really lovely! I don't like cooking in one either but they do come in handy for many things...steaming the bagged fresh veggies for convenient. One day I will need to get a new one too. We have been living with one with a broken handle that's been held together with Gorilla Tape since 2012! Also, it has a short in it where the digital displays are and we have to go flip the breaker every now and then to reset! I'd say it's time for a new one!

  5. I hear ya about finding pulls/handles w/o breaking the budget! We're remodeling our bath, putting in new shower, sink, vanity, toilet, etc. Oh, my!

  6. I reheat coffee gone cold too. I hope you find the pulls you like. The stove with it's buddy looks great as does you painted cabinets!

  7. It looks very nice Deanna! New appliances add a lovely touch and update! Have a good weekend!

  8. Love it and I know you are a happy Lady, it will be all be completed by the Holidays too!

  9. First of all, I make old school popcorn too. I love it that way...haven't made microwave popcorn for years.

    Like you, we use our microwave for melting butter and warming things up. I will occasionally defrost chicken broth or spaghetti sauce in it too, but I don't cook in it. We were without one for about 3 years, as the old one died, and getting a new one wasn't in the budget. But we didn't have a gaping hole. We just left the broken, unusable contraption stay where it was. It made a great storage spot for cakes and other baked goods.

    As far as drawer pulls, I got some at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago. All their drawer pulls were on sale for 50% off. Not sure if you have a Hobby Lobby near you or even if the sale is still on, but just thought I'd mention it.

    Have a great day,

  10. Here's something strange. Although I live in Boise, Idaho, I think I come up on your live traffic feed as Fargo, North Dakota.

  11. I use mason jars for my water bottles.

  12. I use mason jars for my water bottles.

  13. Your kitchen is looking GREAT!!!
    FYI (and I have NO connection with these folks...just a greatly satisfied customer) I have found great prices on hardware at
    Be sure you check out their clearance page. I just bought hardware for my OLD kitchen, for less than $40!! I hope that you can find just the right thing as well!


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