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Monday, August 22, 2016

I've Got Interesting News

I went to the eye doctor on Friday for a check up and to get new glasses as I knew my prescription had changed.  Seems the issue is that I have a significant cataract on my right eye, and one on the left.  My eye doctor says they should just come off, or I'll have to keep getting a new prescription every six months.

It was quite a shocker at my age, but I know that even children can get them.  This week will be setting up appointments and seeing what a surgeon has to say.  From my parents both have this issue taken care of in the last few years, I know that the cataract has to be in a certain condition to be removed, so there is the chance they will want to wait.  

Having this news, many things now make sense with my vision.  It's been increasingly harder to read, and I noticed that I was having issues with seeing well at night.

Once the shock wore off, I am looking forward to only having to wear reading glasses here in the near future.  The procedure and recovery were easy peasy for my parents and I trust it will be for me as well.

Photo from my Snapchat.  Do these eyes look like they have cataracts?  Crazy!

I know that I promised photos of my living room rearrangement, I will get photos today and share them tomorrow.  I did work on it this weekend and I am liking it!


  1. You do seem quite young for cataracts, but I guess anything can happen at anytime. My parents both had cataract surgery within the last three years, and they have been amazed at the clarity of their sight afterwards. They are seeing in a way they haven't in years.

  2. Those things kind of sneak up on you, don't they? You don't even realize when the change is gradual. You'll probably be amazed at how well you see afterward!

  3. You remind me of the song "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair." It sounds like removing the cataracts will improve your vision, young though you are.

  4. Yes, surprising to be thinking about cataract surgery at your age but if it's deemed necessary, I'm sure the difference afterwards will be well worth it!

  5. Just a little blip in the grand scheme of things :) There is SO much less to recovery these days. You'll probably be thrilled with the results!

  6. Another friend just had that surgery. She couldn't believe how much better she could see.

  7. My husband had one eye grow a cataract in a week's time (a rare occurrence but does happen per doc), and had surgery at 40. They put in a special lens since it had to last him so long. They say you know you are getting cataracts when you start cleaning your glasses all the time. I have them and have trouble driving at night but they say mine aren't bad enough yet. I look forward to clearer vision someday. I am wearing yellow/amber tinted sunglasses per doc's advice to help with the sun and bright light glare and it sure does help. Hope you get good advice and clear guidance!

  8. Well poop! My sister was just diagnosed with cataracts, but she has the kind that must get much worse before anything will be done. You look darling in your flowers! A bit perplexed, but cute!

  9. there's a rash of cataracts happening in the world, so it seems. i had my annual optometry visit last week and was told that i have the beginnings of cataracts ***which are common in people my age.*** if he wasn't such a nice doctor i'd TP his house for dissing my age. even if it IS true. wink. i'm being "monitored." i go back in a couple months for a follow up.

    your flower crown is gorgeous, dahling. ;)


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