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Thursday, August 4, 2016

How My 'Day To Myself' Turned Out

Funny thing about these 'days to ourselves', they don't always turn out how we envision them!

Lindsay and Kyle left as planned and I did some reading.  As I sat in my chair, I could see the beautiful day it was.  Cooler temps, bright blue sky, big white puffy clouds.  My favorite kind of day.

Then I noticed that the yard was terribly overgrown.  We had so many days of rain this past week that I hadn't gotten to it for over a week.  Sigh.  With the weather pattern we are in, who knows when another opportunity like this would happen.

So I did the responsible thing, and decided to mow.  The mower was low on fuel, and the gas cans empty, so I had to go fill them up first, and then I came home and mowed.  With the yard so over grown this took nearly two hours yesterday.  However, I redeemed it by listening to podcasts (I'm enjoying Sally Clarkson's podcasts these days).

When I was done, I showered, had lunch and read some more.  Then Tim arrived home, he had a shorter day, and we decided to go to dinner.

On the way, we went by the location where the car was towed, to clear out the rest of our personal items.  The car is going to be totaled.  We'll miss the blessing of having an extra car. 

After dinner, we picked up Kyle's birthday gift, and came home.  

We decided that is was so nice we'd sit out on the deck for a while. 

 My potted plants are enjoying all the heat and rain we've been having.

 The butterflies have been enjoying the butterfly bush by the deck.  There were two on it and when I went to get the photo of the second one, the first one flew off and the second one decided to go to, so blurry photo of her but cool shot of the other in flight!

Tim took the opportunity for some invoice work and to look through the sales.
 I told him I wanted to see his face, that I needed some blog fodder and I got this look.

Some of my kids have inherited his eyebrow abilities! Lol!

I also wanted to show you a side by side photo of Sarah from our hair stylist.  Before her haircut and after!
It's super cute on her!

I'll get another day to myself in the future, but for now, I'm grateful that my yard looks great, my kids are all home safely, and that we have these days together!  School this morning, and then I am meeting Emily for lunch.

Have a great day!


  1. When I worked in an office we used to (half) joke that a clear calendar always ended up with the busiest day! That haircut is adorable.

  2. Well! they say a woman's work is never done, I believe it! ~smile~ cute eyebrows, and Sarah"s hair cut looks great she looks so grown up!
    Happy Birthday to Kyle! He is growing up way to fast too!'
    Loved the way the kitchen cabinets turned out!
    Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers,


  3. Days to oneself are rare enough, and doing the responsible thing generally comes up unless one leaves the homestead!
    Sarah looks so cute in her new haircut.

  4. A day to yourself can go a thousand different ways! Just as long as you feel satisfied at the end of it!!
    Love your husband's expression!!! I say the very same thing to Louis Dean!!!

  5. Tim and Emma make the best faces! They crack me up!!

    Sarah is adorable with her new haircut!

    Oh well...maybe a day to yourself is not all it's cracked up to be? ;)

  6. It's always good to have a day off just for yourself. I am like you if I sit awhile I'll always see or think of something that needs to be done. I have to leave home to really have a day off.
    Love little Sarah's haircut, so cute!

  7. That sounds just like a day to myself would turn out. I thought "companionship" when I saw the deck photos. Nothing like it, right? Sarah's hair is cute.


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