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Monday, August 29, 2016

Early Autumn Decor

Technically, autumn runs from September 22nd - December 22nd, but since Christmas celebrations start right after Thanksgiving, no one thinks about it still being autumn three days before Christmas!

So, in my way of thinking, all of September is autumn, especially with all the kids back in school, summer is over.  Make sense?

Anyway, since I have company coming on the first, I put out a little autumn decor a few days early.

The hallway tends to be on the dark side so I used light colored autumn flowers and a white faux pumpkin.  The brown pumpkins work well with the light colors.

In the living room over the mantel we added deep burgundy flowers to the pale flowers and it looks really nice, too.

 Christmas tree shops has become my go to place! I got this pillow there!  I also bought a turkey pillow but that will not come out until November!

Here it is in a close up shot.  I'm loving this pillow!

I'll add more color as the season deepens and the leaves start to change. 

For now this seems just right.

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  1. well if this isn't the most logical explanation and detailed decor set of ideas... it need not FEEL like autumn to celebrate autumn. ha! okay.. brain engaging and plans being formed to give my home its autumn touch. thank you!

  2. I have been thinking of pulling out my fall décor also. That is if I can find it since we moved last December. I love the pillow and all your décor. Yes, it's time to think of fall leaves, fall festivals and cool weather!

  3. Oh I like your brown pumpkins! Yes, your logic works. =D

  4. I think you love pumpkins lot. All your work is based on it. The design you made on the pillow is awesome. Color combination is the added beauty to it:)

  5. I am so ready...bring it on! I so miss The Christmas Tree shop! I bought such fabulous season items there! Lovely décor beginning to show!

  6. Deanna, your vignettes are lovely. Although I'm not ready for Fall yet myself. In many ways I feel like I haven't had my summer yet because we were so very busy. I do love pumpkins and once the urge hits me, I will bring out mine. Since we celebrate Thanksgiving in early October, we have lots of time to decorate for the season. One thing I really appreciate about celebrating Thanksgiving in October is that it gives me lots of time to think about Christmas. We just take our time planning and decorating here. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your company.


  7. Looking good! I like white pumpkins! And especially like your three white pitchers and new pillow!

  8. I agree with your way of thinking. Loved your tour. I loved the pillow!
    I agree that Sept is a great way to start our Fall decorating. In fact
    I'm having a party at my blog. It starts on the first. I'd love you to come and link this post and any Fall Theme post! The party goes all the way till Oct. 30. So come over and post all your Fall posts. Old or new! Hope to see you at the Party.

  9. I love your thinking! I adore autumn and after the brutal summer we've had, I am so ready for it this year! I love your decorations!

  10. I like your reasoning and I like your decorating! Just the right touches to sail into fall!

    I am sure I will have started to decorate by this weekend. My summer things are feeling out of place.

  11. Deanna you are ready for Fall! I love the egg artwork! It's so pretty. You've added so many sweet pumpkins and fall touches to your decor. It's lovely!

  12. I love everything!!! Fall is my favorite season and I keep the decorations up for a full three months and have never been tired of them or even ready to take them down. I would keep the house forever decorated in fall except that would just make me seem odd. Perhaps odder than I already am!

  13. I am acting as if and I have everything fall sitting out on the dining room table.
    Then I move things to a spot as as I think of a good spot.

  14. I love that pillow too! All of your early Fall décor looks great. I have not started yet. I did just change my summer kitchen curtains back to Fall and Winter!


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