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Friday, August 12, 2016

Seasonal Paper Products

I'm not one to use paper plates a lot for personal use, but when we have a crowd I like to use pretty ones that go along with my theme or the season.

As you likely know quality paper products, the kind that aren't flimsy or fall apart easily, are pricey.  (I do keep cheap ones just for the kids when they have sandwiches)

A few years ago a Christmas Tree Shops store opened up near us.  I'd never been in one and my first time in was a delight!  They are not a Christmas store, as many think, but they carry a great supply of seasonal decor, bed and bath products, dishes, wall decor, frames, toys, beauty products and some food items.

One of my favorite items that they carry are seasonal paper products.  I buy for every holiday or season there, I also bought Emma's wedding napkins there!

This week I picked up some fall napkins and some plates, too.  I've found if there are patterns I love, not to wait too long to get them!  But they do replenish the supply for many weeks!  In the autumn we have several birthdays, our annual Fall Fest (bonfire, hay rides, lots of food and games), and Thanksgiving!  I do not use paper plates for Thanksgiving (though depending on circumstances, illness for example, I would without guilt!), but I do for the Fall Fest, and we go through lots of napkins all the time!

Aren't they pretty?  These pretty leaves that have 40 napkins are only $1.99!

I also picked up these napkins this summer.

I bought them in two sizes because I liked the pattern so well!  I may use them this summer still or save them for a birthday party.  They would suit a party for a man very well!

So tell me where you buy your specialty paper goods or if you don't use them, tell me what you use instead!  

This is not a sponsored post, but I'd be delighted to do sponsored posts for products or stores that I love!


Patti said...

Those sure are pretty napkins. I especially love the sunflower ones.

We don't have a Christmas Tree Shops around here, but I was in one several years ago when visiting my sister-in-law in the greater Boston area. What a fantastic store.

I mostly use cloth napkins, but if I do want to purchase paper ones, I usually get them at the Dollar Store.

Have a great day,

podso said...

I use paper products like that sparingly because of the cost. I use paper cocktail napkins when having people over for coffee or dessert, but for a meal it's usually cloth napkins that wash easily and mostly don't have to be ironed. Yours look great--you can't go wrong with fall leaves or sunflowers! I think buying a set of plates (funny how they often are square now) with napkins and cups or whatever, can make a nice gift. I got a set of sunflower plates, napkins etc last year for my birthday (and haven't used them yet…but I should, they are gorgeous.) I do love your map napkins and another paper thing I like to do is wrap presents in old road maps. All the better for a birthday present if you can circle on the map where the gift receiver was born or lives! Have a great weekend.

Ginny said...

I haven't bought paper products in a long time. I still have napkins left from my daughter's wedding in 2010, and an odd assortment from many years past. When my husband died, my oldest daughter (who still lives with me) and I decided to switch to cloth napkins (and use rags instead of paper towels, so we've cut down on its use a tremendous amount). I agree with you, though, that Christmas Tree Shops has great paper products. I have to be careful not to go there too often because I always find something to buy.

Cheryl said...

I have a long love affair with beautiful paper products!! I love "real" dishes and use them all of the time, but we often use beautiful paper napkins with "real" dessert fact, almost every Sunday when our family (of 18) gathers! And lovely paper products make a party beautiful. They are actually an inexpensive way to decorate and create the theme.

The first time I visited Christmas Tree Shop, I thought I had hit the jackpot! I also find great deals on paper napkins at Marshalls and HomeGoods. I always check the clearance areas at Target and have found some there. (Really, I have "napkin eyes" and find them in lots of places!)

My family finds my napkin collection amusing. :) But it really is a relatively cheap hobby and a pretty table brings me joy!

Jaybird said...

I use paper napkins and plastic cups almost every time we all gather (15 of us). I usually buy the special occasion papergoods at Hobby Lobby or Card and Party, but I have found really pretty napkins etc., at $Tree and Tuesday Morning. When we travel, I am careful to watch every store...just in case.... :^)

Pawan Sharma said...

Amazing blog about paper products . Thanks for sharing

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