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Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Bit Of Farmhouse In My Cottage

I mentioned sometime this year that we had been given a lot of boards that could either be tongue in groove or look more like shiplap.

I was going to go shiplap in the stairwell to the basement, up the huge wall that is difficult to do anything with and around into the kitchen. But I've changed my mind.  I decided to use the board vertically, tongue in groove style, as I think long term it will suit my cottage style better.

The stairwell has been a huge eyesore the many years we've lived in our cottage, and I had been eager to get this project started but having our own business means that sometimes our personal projects take a backseat to work.

This past Saturday, Tim got started on it as a surprise for me!

There is a lot more to do here, including painting the stairs and the trim, but I am excited that this project has begun!  I know it won't be finished until winter, likely, but this small beginning is thrilling to me!


  1. I do love shiplap! This is so pretty. Glad you're getting it done.

  2. I am so thrilled for you. I have been going through the same thing . . . wanting to add more farmhouse style to our little cottage. Is it a cottage or a farmhouse . . . well, I believe it can be both! When we moved in over three years ago, I put up nautical styled wall art, because that's what I brought with me from the old house. Now that we have traded our sailing pleasures for gardening, I want to add a little farmhouse to our cottage as well. I know that you are going to love your new tongue in groove style . . . it is going to be beautiful:)

  3. What a sweet surprise! Deanna, makes it even more special! Tim did an excellent Job. I have wanted to put something similar in my bathroom! Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Looks promising! What a nice surprise!

  5. It does look good, clean and neat. We used it when we lived in France, in a bathroom, and it always pleased me.

  6. I love the sounds of a hammer and saw! Getting a project started is 90% of getting it DONE!

  7. I LIKE it! And it looks like you have a little ledge/shelf for display?

  8. Aww, how sweet! It looks great!

    Clarence has tackled some home improvement projects when the girls and I have been in WI. Last trip, he swapped out our pedestal sink for the Ikea vanity & sink that had been in boxes for several months. I felt so loved that he took care of something that mattered to me (I needed more space to use my water-pik) while I was away.

    Yay, Tim for a great job on a project you are going to be SO happy with! Love the tongue and groove!

  9. You are going to love it! Good job, Tim!

  10. I am thrilled too!! What a lovely and thoughtful surprise!!

  11. What a great beginning! It's going to look great! Yay for husbands named Tim who are ultimate handymen!


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