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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hooks And Needles

My Pinterest board called Hooks and Needles is full of great knitting and crocheting projects.  I've not made very many of them, but I do like to pin and save patterns that catch my eye.

I have made several cowls which is supposed to be like an Outlander cowl that Claire wears.  I used the pattern with thinner yarn and made it mobius and gave it to my mom.

Knitting it with larger needles and a thinner yarn gave me a looser pattern that she can wear over her shoulders if she wants too.  This is great for her because she tends to be very cold especially around her neck and shoulders.

I used one of the baby patterns to knit this sweet hat

I'm working still on the second glove of arm warmers. 

You can find the pattern here.  FYI - the website for this pattern is a bit risque' but there is a link there for a pdf of the pattern and that is what I printed off and use.

I want to make this sweater for Kamryn, but I'll need a lot of help with that front edging!
Knitting pattern for Cove Cardigan for children - This children’s sweater by Velvet Acorn features a leaf lace front. Sizes 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, 8/9, 10/11 years

I bought a new skein of yarn today

Its a kind of blue green called Peacock.  Pondering what to make out of it.  Maybe a scarf for my auntie.

Better get busy!


  1. That is so good, Deanna, and pretty. Love the arm warmers, I need them this morning for it has turned cold.

  2. That little sweater on the blondie is adorable! I hope you can learn how to do the front as it's so sweet. I'm looking for a sweater this morning--its so delightfully chilly! Only 50 degrees!

  3. Beautiful creations! Love that little sweater:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Love the sweater. That edging does look tricky, but I am not a knitter at all. I did go to your Pinterest board and pin a few of the crochet ideas, though!

  5. This beautiful post makes me want to learn how to crochet and knit with more skill. Right now, I can make scarves! I think I need to pin less and knit more! Ha!! Eager to see what else you make. So talented...

  6. I like these! And that little girl’s hair is fabulous!

  7. Your new header makes me swoon!!

    Okay, now that I got that out . . . ;)

    What a lovely scarf for a lovely lady! I never learned to knit or crochet, so I am awed by those who make it look easy and turn out such wonderful projects!

  8. That header is soooo pretty! I am crocheting a lot...not as challenging as knitting. It’s kind of fun to return to after several years. Your mom looks wonderful in her new scarf! A hat...wonder if I could crochet a hat.

  9. All are so lovely, Deanna, I haven't crochet or knitted in years, this makes me want to again! The peacock yarn would make a lovely scarf. Your mother is so lovely, she has such a pleasant smile!

  10. That is lovely. Everything here is! That sweater would be so cute on Kamryn and I bet you would do just fine with it.

  11. I made that very same knitted sweater for my Emma. It is one of her very favorites, though she's mostly outgrown it now. I don't remember the edging pattern right now, but once I have reliable electricity (out for 4 days now), I'll pull up my copy of the pattern and look it over. I'd like to make one for my younger granddaughter. Maybe we can do a knit along. :)


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