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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hawk Falls

Saturday, Tim, Rachel, and I went exploring in an area of our beautiful state that we've never really spent time in - the Poconos.  Its about 2 hours from our home and we've only passed through that area one time coming home from Vermont.

Rachel had a rare Saturday off from work, so we hopped in the car and headed out.  We'd already looked online for things to do, and thought that Hawk Falls, in the Jim Thorpe area, sounded like something we all could do.

The trail was about a mile long, a bit rocky in places but easy, I'd say.  I was more concerned about the return trip because it would be mostly uphill, but Tim found me a nice walking stick and it was just fine!

When we got the the falls, I was so glad I said, "yes," to this trip!

One of the things that was so amazing is that this is not far from the turnpike - in fact a huge bridge was visible from the falls and we could hear vehicles the whole time we were there!

It was such a beautiful day!

After the hike we drove around exploring a bit more, and then looked online for a restaurant.  What did we do before smart phones? 

One that interested us all was Roadies!  It said scenic views and they were right!
It was a bit windy, and there were a few pesty bees, but we enjoyed our lunch and the view!

We then explored a reservoir and park, and went to an antique mall in Weissport.  Tomorrow, I'll show you what I found there!

The days are fleeting and we are thankful for this day with our girl, and the time spent building memories together.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend an autumn Saturday: enjoying the beauty of God's marvelous creation, and special time with your loves!!

  2. Wow! What a great decision - outdoor beauty, great exercise, and fabulous view from the restaurant! Good for YOU!

  3. Beautiful, love all the photo's. I've always loved creeks and small rivers. The fall colors are pretty.

  4. Beautiful photos. You are the second blog friend to write about a recent visit here--very near where my husband grew up and I've asked him why he never took me here!

  5. What a wonderful day trip for the three of you! Thanks for sharing! A lovely spot to visit indeed. You got some great pictures.

  6. Oh how beautiful Deanna....there is nothing more enjoyable than walking through the woods on a beautiful autumn day....loved this!

  7. What a really beautiful place and those views...spectacular! Glad you were able to take the trip!

  8. What a lovely day at such a lovely spot! You look like a movie star, Pretty Lady!


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