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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October 3rd!

Happy Birthday to me!

Tim and I had dinner last night with Cheryl, Ron, and their beautiful daughters. It was an early gift to myself. 

Emma and Isla leave today.  What a blessing to have had them here for nearly a week.  We've made lots of memories.  We are going to miss them so much, but we are thankful they will be back for Thanksgiving!

I'm going to have lunch with my mom, too.

October has become a month of celebration for our family.  Our other Birthdays this month are my daughter in law Kayleigh, Isla, Klaire, my brother in law Dan, and my mother in law will be 96 on the 31st!

We don't know how many days the Lord has allotted for us, so we should treat each day as a gift.  We are thinking of those who have been so greatly impacted by the tragedy in Las Vegas Sunday night. Its heartbreaking....


  1. So glad you had these days to cherish with family and friends.
    We DON'T know what lies in our futures. I'm thankful we DO know the Lord of our futures...♥

  2. Families are to love and celebrate! Sweet photo's.
    Today is my son-in-laws birthday.

  3. Happy birthday! My husband and I, are October ones too.
    My birthday is tomorrow and his, is on the 5th.
    Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! We will celebrating my father-in-laws birthday on Sunday. He'll be 92! Hope you have a blessed day :)

  5. Yes, we can not afford to be cavalier with the time God has given us, neither should we be a slave to tHaT thought for if we trust Him and lean on Him, He himself will lead us along.

    So glad that the families were able to have dinner together last night! I’ll be looking for Cheryl’s comments.

    Oh wonderful that this year is your turn for Thanksgiving. How fun that will be!

    Love the photo of Sarah and Isla at the piano...sweetness. 💕

  6. Happy Birthday, Deanna! How wonderful to celebrate with loved ones! The wee ones are too cute! Our only birthday this month is my grandson's on the 31st. May and September are our busy birthday months and it's nice to have a break from so many at once. But you're right, in this world full of uncertainty and tragedy, we would do well to remember this day and every day is a gift from Him. Have a beautiful day.


  7. I meant to wish you happy birthday on fb. It sounds like you have some fun celebrating taking place. It's not so hard to say goodbye when you know when the "next time" will be.

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day is amazing!


    May your year be filled with laughter and joy, good health and peace.

    Hugs. ♥

  10. Happy Birthday! Spending it with people you love is the best gift of all.

  11. Happy Birthday! October 3rd is my Grandmom's birthday, too. We celebrated with her on Sunday. It is always sweet to spend time with family.

  12. Happy Birthday dear friend! Hope it was a really blessed day! Cute pictures and I know you will miss those little sweeties! HUGS!


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