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Friday, October 13, 2017

5 More Things I love About Fall

I wrote "Five Things I love About Fall" in late September.  If you've read here for any length of time you know there would be way more than five things I love about my absolute favorite season!

Apple Cider


We love apple cider in the fall!  This brand is a Lancaster County brand and is really good.  Our favorite though, is from our local produce stand which is a minute down the road!  Its so good we served it at Emma and Vinnie's wedding!



Again our local produce stand is our source for our pumpkins!  It's been so warm, I haven't bought any yet.  Its going to be warm again this weekend and then it'll be more seasonal so maybe we'll get some this coming week.



I burn candles year round, but not like I do in the fall or winter.  Our favorite candles are by Good Neighbors Candle Co.  This is my friend Becky's company.  She is also an owner at Pebbles and Lace.  They are soy wax with natural wicks that don't give off toxins.  I highly recommend her hot cocoa, hazelnut cappuccino, country store scented candles!

Add some leg warmers to those boots!


My girls and I love boots!  I have tall boots, booties, ugg style boots.  My girls have tall boots, and combat style boots.  We all also have rain boots, and snow boots.  They look great with dresses,  leggings, or jeans.  You can dress them up or down.  Boots are great!


For me this is a seasonal activity and I start back up in the fall.  

I do simple knitting, though I'd love to try knitting a sweater or two or three.  Grandgirlies, you know.

What are five things that you love about fall?


  1. I've answered over on my blog; don't really have time for a post today, but couldn't resist your question. I loved reading your five things!

  2. Only five things? That's hard, isn't it? Let's see - the color of the changing leaves, wearing sweaters again, comfort food, apples and pie and crisp and butter, evenings spent together inside. And candles! (Well, that's six things.)

    I'm going to check out your friend's shop. Thanks for providing the link.

  3. So much yes...especially boots and knitting!

  4. My temptation is to say "everything! . . . but I'll try to name just five. :)

    1) Pumpkins . . . for decorating indoors and out.

    2) Pumpkin spice iced coffee

    3) Pumpkin spice hot coffee

    4) Beautiful coloreds leaves. In the trees, falling through the air, lying on the ground . . .

    5) Cool weekend mornings on the sun porch, sharing coffee with Ron.


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