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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Snow Day

We're having a heavy wet snow, that started last night, and is supposed to pick up in intensity later today.

Late winter has been very mild, but March has come in like a lion!  If the old addage holds true, then it should be a very pleasant ending to the month!  You never know what you'll get with March!

The roads are clear at this point which is nice, since Tim has one inspection today. 

February teased us with spring like temps, and we know they are on there way, so this brief snow will not dampen our spirits!  We'll enjoy its beauty and winter's last hurrah!


  1. SO beautiful. Hope you stay in today and cozy up with a good book:). Hugs

  2. We are waiting for the snow to begin here in a bit, too. I am looking forward to that lamb-like weather!

  3. It's coming here, too. A foot or more is in the forecast.

  4. We are free of snow now, but it looks as though you have too much!

  5. Oh Tim looks cold! Brrrrisk out there. We are waiting for the storm to
    arrive, though there’s a difference of opinion whether it will. Either way, I
    am ready. Trash has been hauled, provisions have been gathered, and ice
    in the driveway has been chopped. I am praying that this is the end of it.
    How about you? You must be ready for daffodils and tulips!

  6. All the weather y'all are having is just so amazing to me. You can tell I have never lived up north. The only really winter snow I used to see was when we went skiing! Stay strong! Spring will come! I can't help but say - Bless your heart!!! I know you are tired of it by now.....

  7. I put away my winter decorations this week . . . just in time for another nor'easter! Oh well. As you say, spring is coming! The forsythia is blooming in the backyard!


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