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Monday, March 19, 2018

Sundays At Creekside Cottage: Making A Place For Fellowship

In years past most of our Sundays were taken up with families from church coming over to spend the afternoon.  Now, we only have three families with kids/young adults still at home. Most people are older with adult children, most of whom are married and on their own now.  One family does come over occasionally (they have a boy Kyle's age), and the other family just the young adults come over.  Tim and I are in the unique position of having kids still at home, while having married kids and grandkids.

Its been an adjustment, but we really enjoy having these young adults at our house every week.  Some weeks they go hiking, or they do Bible study together, but at some point they always end up at our house.

There's always food involved, games or a movie or both, and lots of laughing.  The main thing I like is that they are building community together.  They've taken mutual interests and choose to spend this time together.

We miss the other families who used to attend our church, and we work to make time to get together with them, because we spent years building community with them.  They are still some of our dearest friends, and though they chose for various reasons to find a different church home, they're family, and always will be.

I'm excited for my young adults to have these kinds of relationships being built.  It is a blessing to know that they have these friends.

I said to Tim and the girls last night, that it makes me happy to know that in years to come, they will all have memories of these happy times at our cottage.  That they knew they were welcomed and that there was a place for them.


  1. Wonderful! And staying in touch with church friends who are now attending elsewhere is also wonderful. Heaven is going to be about relationship and place.

  2. That makes me happy to hear how you have created a space for them, these young people. Sometimes home life may not be very good for them and your cottage and their friends are a safe place. Even if their home life is ideal they need the love and support from their church family.

  3. You obviously provide the warm gathering place where people love to come and enjoy time together...what a blessing Deanna!

  4. I love the fact that, though situations change and years pass, Creekside Cottage remains a warm a welcoming place!!

  5. That's wonderful that you have such a close knit church community and make time to keep up with friends and fellowship. Things are much different in my part of the world...people rush in, rush out, barely time for a cup of coffee. And once the kids get old enough, they all seem to fall off the confirmation cliff...

  6. I love that too! You are so blessed and are such a blessing to others!
    It's a great compliment to have people want to come to your house. They feel loved and accepted and welcome. That's as it should be. My home was always full of children when my kids were growing up. I hope I will always welcome people to come in and visit. Every Good Friday I have a big gathering of friends and family and a time of celebrating. Easter is reserved for church and now that my children are grown - they have other family in addition to theirs. I love a home that is full of people and laughing and talking. Life at its best!!


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