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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Having Fun, Back Soon!

We've been having fun with our friends, but not much that is 'show' worthy! Lol!

Sunday, after church we went to Valley Forge.  Jane and I are huge history buffs, and she'd never been to Valely Forge.  Monday, we did some shopping, Tuesday we hung out here, and I mowed the property, yesterday I looked at a house with my parents that is for sale, it is just up the road from us!  The housing market is hot right now so we'll see if they get it.  They do like it - A LOT.  I've had Klaire all three of those days too.  She's easy, peasy.  

Last night we went to dinner at an Irish Pub in the city of Lancaster, called Annie Bailey's.  Its always good!  Today, we are going to go buy a diffuser for Jane, and get a few other things.  They sadly leave tomorrow.  We usually see them at the beginning of their summer travels, and on their way home, but this year just once, because they have a shortened trip.  The reason for this is they are flying to Alaska for a cruise to celebrate 45 years of marriage!  Isn't that awesome?

Sometime today, Tim's sister and her family will arrive after visiting Washington, DC, and they'll be here until Saturday

After that it'll be a quiet summer, and July will be here!  Crazy how quickly the days go by.  

I'll leave you with a picture of Klaire, with Jane, at breakfast yesterday.  We love breakfast at the local golf course, and Klaire love looking out the window at the golfers, and birds and squirrels.
Jane and Rick love our kids and our grands, they especially enjoyed Klaire because they've known Nate since he was three months old.

Friends are a treasure, and friends that are family are doubly so.  Thanks for loving us so well, Rick and Jane, for all these years.  Have a great trip this summer!


  1. Keep having fun! Real life is far more important...

  2. Valley Forge sounds fun, I love history! We are traveling a bit now, too...can't believe how fast summer is blowing by...

  3. Enjoy your friends and family!

  4. Sounds like great fun & good change of pace for you! Enjoy

  5. Having fun here too:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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